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What to wear on your FIRST date?

24 October 2012

Let's face it! First impression counts and it lasts..... I know you have a beautiful heart and soul but honestly most relationships are built on a series of first impressions.  And you only have one chance to create that lasting and perfect impression.  To tell you the truth, you only have 30 seconds to make it right. 

Since the first impression is so important and THIS could be the date that could potentially change your life, why not put some effort into it.  Before I go on..... I've to make myself clear here, I'm not asking you to do a 459 degrees change in the way you look.  And in fact, I think the more you show up as being yourself, chances of you finding love increases.  After all, it's tough being someone you are not and it's even harder to follow through.  Plus, your date is not falling in love with the REAL you!

If you think creating a first impression is not important then, look at the photos below and answer me honestly, which picture did your eye land on? Who are you attracted to?

A. Messy Man

B. Smiley Man

Did you pick A. Messy Man or B. Smiley Man?

How would you like to show up on your first date?


The choice is ultimately yours.

What I think you SHOULD NOT wear on your first date:
  1. Clothes that reveals too much of your boobs, bare back or showing too much of your body parts. Unless you are expecting to take them off much later in the night.
  2. VPL: Visible panty lines. It really looks very cheap.
  3. Clothes that you are too way too small for you.  You will be fidgeting the entire night hoping and wishing you didn't wear it and won't be concentrating on your date.
  4. Choose your clothes according to the venue.  You won't want to wear a gown to go watch a movie or shirt and jeans to a 5* restaurant.
  5. Please..... SMELL good.... always make sure you keep your breath FRESH! The last thing you want is to smell like garlic. I think this is part of social etiquette and you shouldn't torture anyone with garlic smelling breath!
Here's what I suggest you wear on your first date:
  1. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in so that it doesn't bother you later in the evening.
  2. Put on some make up.
  3. Accessorize your outfit.
  4. Add some colors to your outfit. 
  5. Put on some heels.

Fun and Simple Look.
Good for a breakfast date.

Very sophisticated looking, pure and elegant.
Suitable for a LUNCH Date.

Confident and Smart Look.
Great look for a Dinner Date after work.

Classy and relaxed Look.
An outfit good for any occasion.

Dresses are my all time favorite.
Fit for any and all occasion. Dress them up and down
by changing your shoes.

When you look good, you will feel good and that immediately increases your self esteem and confidence. And that's something you cannot fake! You also send out vibes that you deserve the best because you feel the best.

Here's another tip: 

Regardless whether the guy is the ONE or not, your intention for the night is to have fun and enjoy yourself.
  1. Before you go on your hot date, visualize that everything is going well and see you and your date having a good time.
  2. Choose 3 positive words for the night. Eg. Happy, Exciting and Pleasant.
  3. Tell yourself: I'm a beautiful confident woman and I deserve the best. It's going to a great evening!
Cheers to your love life!

Drop me a comment and I would LOVE to hear from you! =)

© Elyse-anne - The Love Coach for Smart, Sexy & Successful Women.

1 comment

  1. Dress smart, do not over dress himself or not go too formal clothes. First, where you can choose the dress accordingly.Try to never wear sexy clothes if you first day, it will give the impression that if you invite or are too desperate. on the other hand, too much covered dress cause irritation to the other person. Casual clothes with nice accessories will make a good idea. Search a dating site and get some good advice on what is hot and what is not.


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