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Are You Attracted To Married Men?

10 May 2013

This week I would like to talk about: Are you attracted to married men or someone else's boyfriend?  A conversation between my husband and I inspired me to make this video for you.  I was having a conversation with him and he was telling me what some of his female colleagues told him. They made comments like... it's such a pity that he's married and why didn't they meet him earlier. I suppose you or someone you know, at some point in time have been attracted to emotionally unavailable men. So what it mean?

It means that you don't believe that there are good men left or there're not enough good men around. You're simply borrowing someone else's beliefs and decision that their man is good. It doesn't mean that other people's man is good for you.

If you take from others, something will be take away from you as well. Some people call it Karma but it's really the Law of Cause and Effect.

Watch the video to find out how you can authentically be you to attract your true love without feeling desperate or looking needy.

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