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    "True love is for everyone. Why not you?" ~ Elyse-Anne
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    "All it takes is a decision to THRIVE and a choice to STRUGGLE." ~ Elyse-Anne
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    Elyse-Anne ~ Xtraordinary Women 2013 - Best Working Mother


07 February 2014


Thank You for stopping by! I've got a NEW website... Do pop by my new website and let me know what you think. While you are there do also get your FREE 3 part video series on - How You Can Make $10K To Fund Your Business Right Now!

Come on OVER ....

Elyse-Anne is the Queen of Love Transformation. She went from being a drug addict and a alcoholic to an award winning coach. Her work is about transforming ordinary women to Xtraordinary women so that they can live a life they deserve. She was featured in CLEO magazine, Simply Her, Cosmopolitan, on radio 938 LIVE (Eugene Loh's A slice of Life and Michelle Martin's Wow Club), an expert on the website, SelfGrowth, LifeStyleAsia, featured writer in Digital Romance and Xtraordinary Women - Best working mother 2013. Purposely In Love is a personal development company that helps women attract, master and teach love. The process is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, a deeper approach than the surface dating tips, helping singles consciously create a relationship with the person that is meant for their true self. 

© Elyse-Anne - The Love and Relationship Success Mindset Expert | Love and Success Coach and Mentor for Women | Certified Creative Love™ Coach | The Business School For Women

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