Are you expecting someone else to make you happy?

10 August 2012

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Are you still searching for your true love to appear and wonder maybe you will never find someone to love?

Have you ever been disappointed with a friend who you have spent so much time and effort helping and when you are in need of help, they are no where to be found?

If you spouse, partner or children cannot live up to your expectations, you feel less for them?

Giving and expecting something in return is giving conditionally.
Giving without expectations is giving unconditionally.

Can you tell the difference?  It's a great difference.

Giving conditionally is giving from a place of lack and fear .  And also depending on someone else to make you happy.  It's coming from a very selfish place and if you don't know the difference then I would safely say.... You don't really know yourself very well because you are expecting someone else to make you happy and therefore it's their responsibility.

Over the years, I've seen many clients although very unhappy with their current situation with life, will not do anything to chance. It could be with their spouse, with their jobs or with life in general, they tolerate with their unhappiness even though they feel like dying.

I feel that a woman has a very high level of tolerance of pain, be it physical or emotional. It could be because the don't have the courage to want the best for themselves, too comfortable in the comfort zone, afraid of what people will say of them and so on... For eons of years, women have been sacrificing for everyone else around them and putting themselves at the end of the chain.

Most women I know will forgive their spouse or partner and give them a second chance when they commit adultery. 

Most men I know will not!

On the other hand, to give unconditionally is giving with no strings attached.  That's coming from a place of love and abundance.  Don't know what I mean?  Think of your creator, God/Universe.  He created you and gave you everything you need without expecting anything in return.  You don't need to be good or behave a certain way so that he will love you.  He loves you no matter what shape, size or color you are.

When you accept and love the way you are, you will be able to come from that place of giving unconditionally without any expectations.

To help you expand you heart and start giving unconditionally, here are my personal exercises I do on a daily basis:
  • I burn 2 candles everyday: 1 for the divine and to send loving energy out to the world.  The 2nd one is for myself, aligning my energy with the Universe.
  • I spend at least 10-30 mins a day to meditate to "SHUT" my mind because I tend to have lots of mental clutter.
  • I teach my daughter with patience.  I realize it requires a lot of patience and mastering my own emotions especially teaching my children.
  • I practice to see everyone as a child of God no matter what color, size or shape they are.
  • Whenever I get triggered, I bless the person with love to allow me to get to know myself better.
  • I don't watch "rubbish" tv channels or listen to radio.
  • I read enlightening books.
  • I consciously choose who and want I want in my life.
BONUS: I spend time with and in the nature at least once a week with my family. I love the nature!

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