We don't know the WHOLE story....

10 August 2012

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A long time ago, an old man lived in a tepee in a Native American village.He had an extremely beautiful horse. All the people in the village spoke of this remarkable horse.

The Great Chief send a messenger on horseback to the old man to ask if he could purchase it.

"Old man, I'm here on behalf of the Great Chief. He sends his greetings and asks that he may buy your horse."

The old man had gentle dignity and quiet manners, and he remained silent for a long time. Finally he spoke and said," Please give my regards to the Great Chief and I thank him for his kind offer to buy my horse. However, this horse is my friend. We are companions. I know his soul and i feel that he knows mine- I can't sell my friend."

The messenger nodded briefly in acknowledgement, mounted his horse, and rode away.

Two weeks later, the horse disappeared...

When the villages heard that the horse went missing, they all gathered around the old man," Oh, old man, this is very BAD fortune! You could have sold your horse to the Great Chief, but now you have no horse and no payment! What BAD fortune!"

The old man replied," It's not bad or good. We don't know the whole story. Let's just say that the horse is gone."

The villagers went aways shaking their head because the knew that this was bad luck.

However, a month later, the old man's horse returned, followed by another 20 other magnificent horses. Each one was spirited and bursting with vitality and exuberance.

The villagers ran to the old man and exclaimed," YOU WERE RIGHT! it wasn't bad fortune that your horse ran away - it was GOOD fortune. Now not only do you have your horse back, but you have 20 more beautiful horses. This is GOOD fortune!"

The old man slowly shook his head and with utmost compassion said," It's not good or back. We don't know the whole story. Let's just say that the horse has returned."

The people went away shaking their heads. They knew that it was very good fortune to have so many beautiful horses.

The old man had one son, who started to break the horses. Everyday he would wake up early to continue his work.

One morning the old man came to watch his son, who had a natural grace as he swung onto the bare of a wild pinto.

The horse bucked violently to the left and twisted to the right. Suddenly with a ferocious kick of his hind legs, the pinto tossed the young man high in the air.

He landed in a crumpled heap in the dust, and both his legs were broken.
All the inhabitants of the village gathered, with great moaning and commiserating." Oh no! oh no! Old man, your horse returning to you was very BAD fortune. Now your only son has both legs broked and is crippled. Who is going to take care of you? THis is very BAD fortune."

The old man pulled himself upright and with respect replied." It's not bad fortune, It's not good fortune, Just say my son broke his legs. for we don't know the whole story."

Once again the villagers walked away shaking their heads- they knew it was very bad fortune.

Then war broke out across the land and the Great Chief called all the young men in the villagers to battle. It was an untimely war and the villagers knew that they'd never see their sons again. Once again they gathered around the old man. 

"Old man, you're right. It's not bad fortune that your son broke his legs because even though he's crippled, you have your son. We'll never see our sons again. It was GOOD fortune for you." 

Once again, the old said," It's not good fortune, it's not bad fortune. We don't know the whole story."

Step beyond right and wrong, and resist passing judgment.....

~Past lives, Present Miracles (Denise Linn)~

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