What do you really mean when you told me you wanted to be loved?

27 August 2012

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Many people I talked to told me they are so unhappy with life and they feel like they have no way out.  And you know more than half the population of women have been through or are going through a depression.

Me included. I've been through it twice and it was such a horrible feeling.  You feel as though as the whole world has just disappeared and you've been banished to some GOD forsaken planet!  Of course, I had dying thoughts too!! I prayed to God to end my life everyday.  Obviously he didn't answer my prayers and I'm glad he didn't. Otherwise, I won't give birth to my lovely daughter, Seraphielle.  She brings me and my family so much joy.  And just by looking at her, my heart expands.

My Little Sweetie Pie Pie.

Sometimes, I really wonder what do people mean when they said they wanted to be happy and loved.  Yet, they don't do anything about it.  I really wonder do they really mean it or are they just saying it so that they are allowed to play victims?

People always tell me they have no choice and how miserable they are.....

They feel so burdened because everyone is depending on them...

They are always surrounded by negative people and they are so sick and tired of life....

HELLO!!! Wake up people!!! There is a choice to be happy or sad.  You control your own emotions. NO ONE ELSE. PERIOD.

If you are feeling all of the above, that means you are allowing SOMEONE else to control you and you've lost control over your life therefore you are feeling miserable.

Since our creator gave us a freewill to decide how we want to live our life then how is it that we don't have a choice.

You feel burdened because you want to feel some what important.  And since you are around to depend on, why not? Because having you around makes things easier.

Just think about it, if one day you are no longer here on earth, what's going to happen to these people who you think needs you?

  • Do they get used to it and then move on in life?
  • Or do they end their life too?
If they will get used to it and move on then it's not that they need to depend on you. You NEED them to depend on you.

Let me be blunt and be the bad guy and get straight to the point.


To change means you need to get out of your comfort zone and deal with your own gremlins and demons within you.  Perhaps, ego is stopping you because then you'll have to admit that there's something wrong with you and that you're not as perfect as people think you are.


Oh really?  But people can go on a shopping spree aka retail therapy to make themselves feel happy for only a moment.

I think people who go on shopping sprees really need to deal with their emotions.
I speak that from experience.... most of my clothes are bought on an impulse and they have been in my cupboard either worn only once or never worn at all..... The number of shoes I have... OMG!!! Never worn and I've to throw them out because it was "melting".

I've since given up on retail therapy and donated half of my clothes and shoes away.

Don't you think although you have so many clothes and shoes, but you keep wearing the same old thing????

I've learnt the one and only person you need to invest in, is yourself! As you raise you self worth, self value, you build and gain more confidence and therefore other people will value you too.

If you are waiting for love or money to appear and only then you will be happy... Then carry on waiting because the universe aka the law of attraction does not work this way.

You don't attract the things you want.  You attract what you are.

If thinking, worrying, sulking and playing victim hasn't changed your life then why not just decide to be happy?

Stop saying you have no choice because you have a choice to be happy or sad.  Which one do you choose?

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