Are you making Painful or Pleasurable Daily Decisions?

24 September 2012

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Life is all about choices and decisions! From the moment we wake up, we have to choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat, de caf coffee or regular coffee, which high way to take to avoid the jams.... and the list goes on.

Lets face it, there are just simply too many choices. I am very poor at making choices when I am presented with the choices of colors. And sometimes, I end up buying two different colors of the same design.

Although it is just a small decision to make but sometimes i can take up to an entire day just to decide. What about the bigger decisions?

For example: If you are thinking of changing your job, should you stay or leave. Then someone from a company called you up to inform you that you have been selected for the post. And you wonder again, if you should take up this job or not. 

Don't you wish you had someone tell you for sure that YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE JOB and take up the new job?

You are in a relationship and you feel that the time is coming to and end. But there isn't much issue at present so there is no reason to call for a break up. What do you do? Should you stay on just because you have been in this relationship for so many years? Or should you leave this relationship because you are not feeling happy? BUT your family adores him. So stay or not to stay?

Don't you wish somebody could just tell you that you SHOULD go live a fulfilling life?

Isn't there always this "What if I made the wrong decision?" And then you think, think and think about it and before you know if, it is too late to leave the company or the position has been filled. OR you just can't leave the relationship because you are stuck with a kid now.

Wouldn't you like to be able to make confident decisions all the time?

Here are a few tips to help you make pleasurable decisions.

1. When you make a decision, make sure you are making it from a place of love and not fear.
When you make a decision from the place of love, you body should feel happy and excited. You can almost hear your soul singing with joy!
When you make a decision out of fear, you will usually feel scared and maybe even experiencing cold sweat and you don't feel good.

2. When making a decision, make sure that you are calm and centered. You mind should not be thinking about 1001 things while trying to make this decision. Take lots of deep and calming breathes if needed to be centered.

3. Really go deep within yourself and ask if this is what you REALLY want. And you will not regret this decision. Regret is another emotion that derives from fear and you don't want to be feeling that.

4. Know that there is no right or wrong decisions. Even if it seems like a wrong decision, you can always turn the tables and make it right. Learning and growing is part of the lesson and this is why we are here in the first place.

5. Ask your HIGHER SELF or your ANGELS for guidance.Ask and you shall receive. It is really that simple. Put your requests in your prayers and you will be given your answers in your quiet time (meditation).

Last but not least have faith and believe that there are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason.
I hope you enjoy these few tips and remember LIFE IS JUST A JOURNEY to discover who you really are.

© Elyse-anne - The "Love Attraction" Coach

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