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03 September 2012

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How are your relationships?

When I say relationships, what comes into your mind?
Perhaps your relationship with your partner or spouse, friends, family....

Everything is all about relationships.... including MONEY!

Are all of your relationships in harmony?  If yes then you can stop here and you don't need to carry on reading. =)

I suspect probably not!  Although we have to deal with and handle relationships everyday, most of us are clueless on how to really make it really work for us.

Whether it's your relationship with your partner or spouse, friends, family or money, it boils down to 1 single relationship.  And if don't get this right, all your relationships won't work out!

I may not know you but I know if you are not having good relationships, I know you are not having a good relationship with yourself!

Let me guess:
  • you are confused.
  • can't seem to decide on one thing.
  • you THINK you love yourself but what do you really know about you?
  • you are unhappy.
  • at a crossroad.
  • you are affected easily by what others think of you.
How can you expect others to love you or even treat you the way you want when you don't know what you want or treat yourself right?

STOP looking outside yourself to make yourself happy.  It doesn't work like that!

Before you go on today, take a few minutes and ask yourself what do you really want.  No one will be able to answer you this question.

When you get YOU sorted out:
  • you will know when and how to say "NO".
  • have more self confidence.
  • builds your self esteem.
  • no longer be a victim in life.
  • experience true happiness for no reason.
  • healthier.
  • glowing skin. 
  • attract good relationships.
  • manifest everything you want.
And the list goes on but it's more than enough to get you started on getting to know YOU better.

Want to have better relationships?  Get moving today to work on yourself! 
Results are permanent! 

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