Why are you not getting what you want even though you've followed every system and principle

16 September 2012

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Ok.... I get it!!! You're sick and tired of looking and waiting for love, money, success and happiness.  And you've tried everything you can possibly get your hands on.  You've seen all the famous psychics, fortune tellers and perhaps even healers....

BUT you're still stuck!  Plus, you've heard so much about the Law of Attraction and followed the law to the T but still...... you're stuck!!!!
And you're waking up everyday thinking what's there to live for?

If I'm redundant, why the heck am I even here on earth?

Well, first of all, I've to say all the people who you've sought advice or help from were probably right and that deep healing even happened for you BUT you were too consumed about getting the results you want to "SEE" that you overlooked everything else.

Most people think that "as long as I know what I want, the Law of Attraction will work for me"... I bet that includes you.... I'm so sorry to tell you that... NO! It doesn't work like that.... 
Of course, you first need to know what you want in your life and then BE that person or change.  And if you're already in the process of becoming that person and you're still stuck, then perhaps this is happening to you.....

YOU ARE NOT TAKING CARE OF YOUR PHYSICAL BODY!!! When your physical body is all chocked and clogged up, you feel heavy and uncomfortable.  Therefore, it blocks you from receiving inner guidance and abundance from the divine.

Most of us who are on the path of personal development, spend so much time on developing our mindset that we neglect our physical body.  In fact, most of us don't even take care of it well!!

You may think it's not important to take care of your body but think about.... where do you live in? Please don't tell me you live in a house... yes your body lives in the house but where do you live in? YES! Your body!!! You can change address but you definitely can't change your body!  Unless you've some super natural powers.... 

In our fast paced society where we've to constantly keep up with the times and with so many dead lines breathing down our necks, it's really hard to have time alone. If you're having such life styles, it's no wonder that your ability to manifest is compromised.

Like I said, in order for you to attract or manifest what ever you want you must first be that person.  And if you're always surrounded by such fast paced events, how will you've the time to get clear on what you want?  If you're surrounded by negative people or events, then it's even harder to think straight and attract the positive things you want.

Here's another tip! In order for you to attract or manifest everything you want, your body, mind and soul must be aligned.  

For example:  

Marie sick and tired of working in your current job and she knows it's time to move on.  Her passion is to open a cafe and she has attracted investors and people who can help her start living her dreams.  But because she has 1001 to do and that keeps her awake almost every night (since the day she has decided to embark on her new journey).  Over time, because it's so stressful and she no longer knows how to handle her stress, she breaks down and eventually her little cafe was only in business for 3 months!

Take time out TODAY to give your body some TLC!!! It's crucial that you do it otherwise no matter how much money or passion you've in life, you'll still break down.

Simple healthy tips to give yourself some TLC:
  1. Eat healthy high energy food. (potato chips are not healthy food)
  2. Drink lots of water. (85% of our body is made up of water)
  3. Deep breathing. (helps clear the mind)
  4. Detox.  (you'll feel lighter after cleansing and detoxing)
  5. Spending ALONE time. (that's when you'll get inner clarity)

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