10 signs that your relationship is coming to an end

22 October 2012

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Whether you are a love junkie or someone who craves for a happy ending, we all enjoy the feeling of being in love.  Something magical happens when we fall in LOVE.  Nothing is able to get us down, we become more efficient at work, miraculously lose all our baby fats, everyone around us seems to be good people and we are in the best of best of mood. 

That's because romantic love has been humanity's favourite drug.  It triggers the brain and serve a hormonal mixture of dopamine, norepinephrine, adrenline and oxytocin that sends us up to the ultimate high. When we fall in love, it's the same part of the brain that lights up when a person is high on cocaine.  

So, if you are a love junkie, you are addicted to that LOVE high and you will need more doses of this love chemical to satisfy your "cravings" because like all drug substances, you build up your tolerance.

Unfortunately, the LOVE chemical does not last forever.... for a least 6 months or so and again if you are a love junkie, you will start to find that the excitement is starting to wear out and you will find excuses to break up with your current partner.

I'm not talking about this temporary LOVE.  

Being in a relationship takes effort. There's no 2 way about it. To have a successful relationship, both parties must work on themselves.  You can't clap your hands with only one hand no?  When husband or wife has had a change of heart, I feel both parties are at fault.  No one will be able to penetrate a marriage if the couple is madly in love with one another.

But more often then not, if the husband strays, the wife will cry and play victim!!

So, how to tell if your relationship is coming to and end?
  1. You are not looking forward to your time together. 
  2. Verbal, emotional or even physical abuse i.e fighting all the time.
  3. Lack of respect.
  4. No longer working towards the same goals.
  5. You have nothing much to say to one another.
  6. No longer have physical contact.
  7. Sleeping in separate rooms.
  8. You no longer see your partner in your future.
  9. You enjoy doing things and spending time alone.
  10. Your partner's behavior changes drastically.
If you think yours is coming to an end, and you feel you no longer want to work at it, then perhaps a separation is good for both parties.  Sometimes, after the "cooling period", the couple changes their mind.  The bottom line is, follow your heart and move on if the relationship has to come to an end.

I know it's hard especially when there are children involved.  But I feel, if you are staying for the sake of your children, what are you teaching your children?  It's wrong to pursue to your own happiness?

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