7 To Do Simple Steps to Attract a Successful First Date

27 October 2012

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Every girl dreams of a fairy tale ending and live happily ever after. But how many of us truly are successful in the love department? Love is something we crave so deeply within our souls and yet we don't really know how to get it.

Freedom comes with great responsibility. During our great great great parents time, they were matched made and they never saw their life partner till the night of their wedding.  Honestly, I'm not at all keen with this idea BUT the thing is something worked out for them. Although, they enter their marriage with much resistance but they usually end up being a loving couple with at least 8 children together.

So what's wrong with us now? Now that we are able to pick and choose who we want to spend the rest of our lives with and yet the divorce rate is sky rocketing. Perhaps because we are given so much freedom, we start to take things for granted?

Falling in love is easy. Keeping one takes hard work and most people nowadays are not too keen on hard work I must say.  We live in a world of speed.  We can cook our noodles in 1 minute..... search for everything we want and need at a press of a few buttons.... we get impatient when our computer does not load up within 3 seconds.  Therefore, we can't be bothered to deal with our own problems, expect everyone else to fix it and want a miracle pill.

I believe we all have our true love out there looking for us too.  You can eliminate all your guess work and waiting once you get clear on what do you really want. Going on dates are easy.  You need to know why exactly are you doing this. Are you going on dates for fun or in search for THE ONE?

I've put together a simple to do list just for you. If you are willing to put in some effort, I'm confident you will have successful follow up dates.

7 TO Do Simple Steps to Attract A Successful First Date.

1. Write down your beliefs about LOVE.

No one really taught us what LOVE is and unfortunately we learn and pick up our beliefs about love from the people around us. Namely our parents... care givers... and if they do not have the right relationships themselves, our perception on LOVE isn't going to be right to.

Also, another GREAT influencer is .... the HOLLY WOOD romance.  The stories are always so perfect.

Get clear on your beliefs and really ask yourself if they are realistic!

2. Why do you REALLY want a partner?

If you want a partner just to fulfill your needs, then you are digging your own grave and I don't even need to read your LOVE cards to tell you that this relationship isn't going to work out.  WHY? Because you will always be expecting your partner to make you happy, supply you with your needs and you won't be taking responsibility of your life. Basically, it's conditioned love and you will only love your partner only if..... he does this and that.

Don't give your power away! Learn to learn to love and take care of yourself first, then teach others how to love you.... That way, you will attract a relationship that's on equal status and not a co dependent one.  

3. Do you know how to love yourself?

Do you think you are lovable?  If you don't think you are lovable then why would someone else think so? 

There's no doubt that you are lovable and your true love is out there looking for you too!

4. Get clear on what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Getting clear is really important.  You can't just leave it to fate and let the Law of Attraction work it's magic and know who to send you just because you are ready for love.  If you send out mixed signals, you will get mixed results.

Once you are clear on what you want, then ask yourself if you are that person!  Remember if you want a perfect mate, your partner wants a perfect mate too!

5. Your Love Mindset

Once you get clear, then act as if  you are already in a relationship.  Have a clear picture in your mind how life will be like when you have your true love in your life.  

How are you feeling?
How will you be behaving?
What will you be doing?

Visualizations, affirmations and your emotions will attract your true love to you faster than you think.

6. How's your branding?

Read more about branding yourself in my previous posts where I discussed what to wear and how to look during your first date.

7. Get yourself out there!

This is it!  Once you got all sorted out internally, you need to get out there and be seen.  You can't expect for your true love to knock on your door and just appear out of the blue!  

Go out on social events with an open mind, not a desperate mind!  There's a difference.  If you go out out with a desperate vibe, you will attract people who are desperate.  Go out, have fun and yourself. Have the belief and inner knowing that YOU WILL MEET THE ONE when you see him.  This take a lot of pressure away. 

Your beliefs and perception about LOVE is everything so, make the intention and get out of the way.  Let the universe perform its magic! If you get this right, you will attract your TRUE LOVE in 90 days.

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