Are you attracting backstabbers, betrayers and cheaters?

01 October 2012

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If you're reading this, then I'm sure you've either been backstabbed, betrayed or cheated on.  Am I right?  And I'm sure the feeling ain't good and it has left a very bad taste in your mouth!  It probably has affected your ability to trust again and you've build up a great wall of china defense mechanism.  It might also probably turned you into a bitch.  After all, if you can't beat them join them?

When I was a cabin crew, backstabbing and betrayal was such a common sight.  I'm not suggesting cabin crew are shallow people but really now that I look back perhaps I was .... That's why I quit! I was so sick and tired of playing the "game"! 

I know! You think you're a good person and you all this backstabbing crap shouldn't happen to you.  But it is and you're wondering what's wrong with you.  Again, I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with you.  In fact, let me tell you this.... You DID attract all the backstabbing and betrayal to you.  That does not mean I'm saying you a bad person.

Your external environment is a reflection of your internal world so that means that you're backstabbing and betraying yourself on some level.  I'm sure you don't mean to consciously sabotage yourself.  You're sabotaging yourself on a sub conscious level.

Example 1: 

You made a promise to yourself  to go jogging the next day because you want to improve your stamina but you can't wake up the next day and you tell yourself, it's ok.

In a way, you're not aligned with integrity and you betrayed yourself.

Example 2:

You're a sales person and because you want to meet your quota so you lower your price and over deliver to your clients.

That means, you are cheating yourself and not valuing yourself. That's a form of betrayal!

Example 3:

You've a hunch that this "NEW" guy is not the one but because you so desperately want to be in a relationship that you revolve yourself around this guy.

That's a form of cheating and betrayal to your own intuition and integrity.

If you're always surrounded by these people or situations, it's time to reflect on how you are treating and loving yourself.

Integrity is doing the RIGHT thing when no one is watching!

© Elyse-anne - The "Love Attraction" Coach

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