5 Things NOT to post on FACEBOOK after a breakup

05 November 2012

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I know facebook is a big part of many people's lives and most of us can't live without it anymore.  And it's amazing to know that a person spends an average of 6 hours per day on facebook!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? I would say check your facebook account to see if anyone "LIKED" your status or what's the latest gossip... oops... I mean news. It has come to a point where even if I don't read any newspaper, I get fresh, juicy updates on facebook everyday.

I suppose facebook was created to keep in contact with friends and keep one another updated on each other's lives and I have to admit, even though I haven't seen my friends for ages and when we do meet up, it doesn't seem like too much is missing.

You might also have noticed that there are generally 2 very distinct types of people.  One who post or brag about their lives every minute and the other one, who is constantly complaining and bitching about other people and telling you how miserable their lives are.  Some have even gone as far as attacking people via their status.

I admit, when I was once shallow and lame, I used to do that! I used facebook as a platform to "voice" out my unhappiness in life and I secretly hope that person that I was unhappy with would read it and then feel really bad about it! BUT of course, I no longer do that! My problems and issues are my problems and issues and no one in the community would be able to help me solve my issues. 

If you use facebook as a platform to "voice" out your frustrations, really ask yourself, what are your intentions in the first place?  To seek approval from the mass that your feelings are right? Or is this part of your "sweet revenge" plan?

Now, back to the topic.  I know it's very tempting to tell the whole world that your relationship has ended and I understand that you may be feeling upset and bitter.  And because your emotions are running wild, you may not know how to deal with it and the easiest way is to channel it out via facebook.

Before you go ahead and do that, I want you to think about this:
  • What are you trying to achieve? If you need someone to talk to, call a friend or go to your therapist.  Facebook is not a place to receive therapeutic advice.
  • Do you think people really care?  Not unless if they are your really good friends.
  • Do you want to tarnish your reputation over someone who doesn't deserve you?  Whether you like it or not and I'm not saying that you need to care about what people think about you.  But at this stage you are too vulnerable and what people say and think about you will hurt you deep enough to bury yourself in a rabbit's hole!
  • Do you really want to wash your dirty linen in the public? Your intention maybe just to vent but you really don't know what repercussions it may lead to. Perhaps your boss may read it or your potential client may read it. It's too late to take it back!
What are the 5 things NOT to post on FACEBOOK after a breakup:
  1. How you dumped him or he dumped you or you both decided to end this.
  2. Your after opinion on what a terrible person he is.
  3. Your personal opinion on why other people should not date him.
  4. His deepest secrets he shared with you during your times together.
  5. Don't get friends involved.
Whatever the reason for the breakup, there must be a learning experience to take away. So be a lady about it and know that it's better this way so that you make space for your TRUE LOVE to enter your life. Breakups are never easy but only you can decide how long you want to stay miserable.

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