5 Things Your MAN Will NEVER Tell YOU!

18 November 2012

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Why women never seem to be able to shut up and men never seem to be able listen? The way we process our emotions are so different.  Of course, there are men who never seem to be able to shut up either!

Unless you've a husband who cannot tell a lie or he's so bad at it that you can just look at him straight in the eye and he'll start blabbing..... like my husband.... =) or if you're as sensitive and intuitive like me, you'll be able to smell a lie from a distance, don't you wonder sometimes what the hell are the men thinking sometimes?

I wonder why men:
  • have to pay for sex when they have a beautiful wife at home.
  • need to have mistress if they love their wives so much
  • have such big egos.
  • cheat on their wives when they are about to give birth.
  • like to look at big breasts.
  • can't agree that women can hold the fort just as well.
  • think of sex of often while they are awake... even in their dreams.
  • finds it so hard to be just themselves.
  • finds it difficult to say "I Love You."
  • can't remember their own mom's birth date.
  • behave like little babies.
  • can't drive with patience!
  • can't ask for directions.
What about you? Do you have you own I wonder why men are like this and that?

We women have our own issues too, it's not like we don't... So to be fair I'm going to pick the men's brain and share what they think about us.

Men wonder why women:
  • have to so many pairs of black shoes. To them black is black.
  • need to speak to our girlfriends on a daily basis.
  • need to tell their girlfriends EVERYTHING.... like EVERYTHING.
  • like to repeat and repeat (nag) themselves.
  • like to be backseat drivers.
  • have to spend 2 hours on beautifying themselves.
  • cry while watching a movie.
  • have mood swings.
  • have to starve to make themselves skinny.
I think the BIG question I've always had in my mind is WHY CAN'T MEN ALSO GIVE BIRTH? Remember the movie Junior, where Arnold Schwarzenegger became (successfully) pregnant and gave birth?  Everything seems to be possible now with technology and science, perhaps the scientist could look into this.  After all, there are more and more men staying at home while more and more women are becoming leaders of the century, WHY NOT?

So, what are the 5 things your man will NEVER tell you.

1. What he talks about during his BOYS night out.

2. He doesn't like it when you speak well of other men.

3. He fantasizes about another woman while having sex with you.

4. He worries that you'll find someone better than him.

5. He (secretly) wishes you'll never be more successful than him.

You don't have to feel cheated or upset if he doesn't tell you everything because you don't want him to know everything about you or what you are thinking about either. Being together doesn't mean he suddenly belongs to you now and that you OWN him. If you feel that way, that's your insecurities acting up and by doing so, you are pushing him away and sabotaging your own relationship. It's good to have your own boundaries and time alone so that you'll enjoy your time together even more.

Remember, life still goes on and it doesn't revolve just around the two of you.

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