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19 November 2012

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Are you out of love? Miserable and broke? I know this sounds harsh but isn't that the reality?  That most people are walking around with so much anger because they are so upset with their life?  If you've the luxury of time, just go outside and observe the people walking past you.  Are they walking with a smile on their face or walking in a rush with their heads buried in their smart phones?

You may already have watched this video that went viral on the internet but in case you haven't, watch the video.

The Washington Post: (Video by John W. Poole)

Back to the topic, I don't know many people who are truly happy.  When I get my clients to visualize or go back to a time where they felt really loved and experience true happiness, most find it a difficulty because they either can't remember or never truly experienced true love and happiness.... and tears start streaming down their faces.

I totally understand how and what that feels like because I was once in their shoes.  I never knew and felt real love.  Since my parents fought all the time and they eventually ended up in a divorce, plus I grew up watching unrealistic hollywood movies, I had no role model to look up to.  So, how would I know what TRUE LOVE meant? If you have similar background then you'll know what I mean.

Despite all these negative beliefs and conditioning, I'm sure you still long for love. But the BIG question is... if there's such a thing called TRUE LOVE then why are you constantly attracting the wrong kind of men who either cannot commit or leave you hurt at the end of the day?

You may not want to hear this but as your LOVE Coach it's my duty to bring this to your awareness.  This is because YOU are wanting to be in a relationship for wrong reasons.  And these are the same reasons why the divorce rates are sky rocketing and married people often feel trapped!

These are some common (wrong) reasons why women want to be in a relationship:
  • in relationship because the guy is rich!
  • an escape to get out of the family because abusive background.
  • unplanned pregnancy.
  • being in a relationship for too long so it just seems like it's the right thing to do.
  • your biological clock is ticking.
  • fear of being alone.
  • fear of losing face.
  • pressure from family.
  • out of obligation or convenience.
  • save family or self out of debt.
If you are nodding your head like mad to one or more sentences, then you need to STOP right now and really think about this..... Does this feel like TRUE LOVE to you? Is this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Why do you really want to in love and what do you expect from being in a relationship?

If after answering these questions and you're feeling sick in your stomach then you really need to change your beliefs about LOVE and relationships otherwise it'll continue to sabotage your true happiness.

If you want something you've never had before, then you need to do something you've never done.

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Meet Elyse The LOVE Coach for women

ImageElyse is the LOVE & Relationship coach for Successful Single women.  She is also known as the "Queen of Love Transformations " and a Messenger of LOVEHer expertise is to help women Attract their TRUE LOVE in 90 days. And get what they want by showing them why they are stuck and experiencing blocks with love and help clear them pretty quickly.  

Her clients usually experience an A-HA moment in 1 session. Elyse's work is about changing people's personal energy and thought process on the topic of love and then their life changes.

She believes that it's every woman's ultimate goal to love and be loved and live a purposeful life.  When a woman experiences and gets the love she desires, she is able to create miracles in her life. She becomes an alchemist. On the other hand, when a woman's life is blocked in love, it affects every area of her life.  She literally shuts down and experiences struggles in every area of her life.

Elyse is dedicated to empower every woman to.... "love life and live life the way you want it!"

© Elyse-anne - The Love Coach for Successful Single Women | Relationship expert for All Women


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