Will bigger boobs get you on more dates?

12 November 2012

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You know how people tell you that they are comfortable in their own skin but I never really knew what they meant.  Honestly, I grew up never liking my own body because I didn't have bigger boobs and I've always wanted to go under the knife to get bigger boobs.  I mean... don't you think you look better in clothes and, I thought if I had bigger boobs, my partner would love me more!  You know, I've always thought men are shallow! I'm not judging but the "boys 2 men" I grew up with  are always talking about boobs so that's what I thought!

Plus, if you really look around, the media isn't making things easy for me either! A perfect looking woman includes having big boobs! So I can't help to be influenced when my mind was so immature!

I haven't given up! All these years, I've always asked my husband if I should get bigger boobs and he would always ask me why do I want bigger boobs? And I would give him very superficial answers like... because I'll look better in clothes and I'm sure you'll love my bigger boobs too.  But he'll ALWAYS say NO!!! He'll tell me I look perfect the way I am and I would be like.... yeah right!!  I know he's very sweet.

Now on hindsight, I'm glad I didn't do it! Because it would be for a very wrong reason.  I never really loved myself or my body so no matter what I did, I won't be happy. Do I really really really really want to go under the knife? NO NOT REALLY.... in fact.... HELL NO!  I really don't like the idea of this foreign thing in my body! And right now, I'm against anything unnatural! Plus, I feel I'll be carrying a time bomb because it may just "explode" any time.... and can I still breast feed after?

There's nothing wrong wanting to be beautiful!  In fact, I'm as vain as any girl.  But it's the HOW you do it and not the WHAT you do to yourself! Heck! I don't even believe in taking medication because I believe we are created perfect. And since I believe that I'm perfect then I can heal and recover naturally! So doing all the funny things to myself is way out of the question! 

Now that I'm a mother of 3, I'm very grateful to my body. Even though with smaller boobs, my body housed my 3 babies, took care of them and provided for them whatever they needed while in my body.  I realized that as I started to love my body more, I started to look younger too!  I even read that when you love and appreciate your body, you boobs may just grow bigger.

TRUE! I wanted bigger boobs because I was feeling insecure and very conscious about myself therefore I wanted to modify myself. If you are planning to modify yourself because of this reason, there's a high chance you won't be happy even after you've gone under the knife. You may attract a surgeon that will do a bad job and end up even worse! Even if it's perfect, you may not see if as perfect because you are not happy with yourself to begin with!

I think I'll really end my life if I ended up looking like this.... how to remedy?

So, do I think having bigger boobs will get you on more dates?

I would think so! BUT the men that will be attracted to you are probably just talking to your boobs and not you.... do you want that? If you do, there's nothing wrong with it.  But I'm quite sure if you're reading this, you're looking for your TRUE LOVE and someone who can connect with you at ALL levels. To accept and love you just the way you are.

First, you need to accept and love yourself just the way you are and then you'll start attracting GOOD quality men!

Some of the celebrities who have regretted and changed their mind.....

Victoria Beckham

Pamela Anderson

Demi Moore

Sharon Osbourne

Just a thought, what if the media started to promote that small boobs are now the IN thing? Don't listen to media too much... that's what I would say. Be yourself and listen to your body. Your body will never lie to you. Treat it right and it will love you back 10x more! After all, you're going to be living in this body for a very long time. Why not get the relationship right?

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