You always get what you want

10 December 2012

Are you happy with your life? 

NO? What if I told you that you are the only one who is  causing your own misery and unhappiness?

I know... you must be thinking I've gone mad... Why would you put an unhappiness curse on yourself and why would you want to attract men that ill treat you and don't treat you seriously right?

Well... hear me out. I just want to ask you what are you thinking on a daily basis?  

Are you thinking about why is your life so unhappy and when is your TRUE LOVE going to "finally" appear to save you from all your unhappiness?  

Are you waiting for things to change? 

Are you still unable to get over your ex?

Here's the thing.... if you are constantly having such negative thoughts, then where's the space for LOVE in your life? In case, you haven't noticed... all the questions above are very negative and if you only have space for negative stuff, then you won't even be able to notice anything other than negativity!

There was once a lady who came to my workshop and it didn't take her long before she started pouring out her "sufferings" to me.  She told me that everyone in her company didn't like her because they were jealous of her and that they were worried that she'll take her clients away.  There was this guy that she liked but because everyone is the office "hated" her, the bosses gave specific instructions to him that he cannot date her!!!  

I was like seriously?? And of course, I told her that her external environment is a reflection of who she thinks she is.  

Then she got pretty angry and said how was that possible.... bla bla.... She then told me that she actually TRIED to commit suicide but was unsuccessful because the stool was too low and so she couldn't reach to the other side to jump down.

She asked me if I knew of any PainLESS ways to kill herself. I told her she didn't really want to die because if she really wanted to, she would have found other ways to do it and she wouldn't even tell anyone her plan...

She wrote me an email some days later asking me to help her to DIE... she said she could meet me after her work and that I should prepare everything for her... to have a painless death.  She even said she'll pay me for my effort before she dies....

When I told her, I can't, she sent me an sms accusing me that I was a quack psychic and that psychics are supposed to help people die.....???

So my point is, no one is really trying to get you... it's the stories that you've been telling yourself and therefore you create your own reality.  If you don't have any inner qualities of a "victim", you won't attract the abuser.  The abuser can't play his role if you're not a victim.  Decide that you no longer want to play victim and all the abusers in your life will disappear. 

If you want to attract LOVE and you are thinking of how bad men are, then how can you be in a loving and non toxic relationship?

If you want ABUNDANCE and you are constantly thinking of what you don't have, then how can you see the opportunities when they are presented to you?

Therefore, you always get what you want UNCONSCIOUSLY.... and the only way to change your reality is to change your story and your beliefs!

© Elyse-anne - The Love Coach for Successful Single Women | Relationship expert for All Women

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