Forget making a new year resolution...

02 January 2013

Seriously... forget about making a new year resolution if you haven't... and if you have... I bet it won't take you too long before you chuck it in the dustbin. 

Does your list look like this?

I wish:
  • to lose weight in the new year.
  • find my MR. Right.
  • get promotion so will have more pay.
  • learn something new.
  • be a better person.
  • get what I didn't get done from last year's list.
To me, this looks more like a wish list than a 'TO DO" list doesn't it?

Here's why it won't work out.... a wish list is a list of things that you wish for and hopefully it'll come true. Just like hopefully Santa will visit me this year. And if it happens it happens, if it doesn't, it's ok. So you'll not put in much effort to make things work out.

A TO DO list is a list that you must get it done otherwise there will be consequences to bear. Such as a dateline to meet or an appointment to see.

If you still do not know the difference, then I want you feel the words. Look at your list and repeat the words.... this is my wish list.... this is my wish list.... this is my wish list.... and then this is my to do list... this is my to do list.... this is my to do list..... and see how each feels to you.

Also, if you've a habit of making a wish list and never follow through, you'll not do it because it's not registered in your mind to put this WISH LIST on your priority things to do list.  

If you want to have all of the above fulfilled, here's what I suggest you do instead:
  1. If you want to lose weight, put YOU in first priority. That means LOVE yourself first.
  2. Want to find your Mr Right? Stop trying to fix yourself because you're already perfect and don't settle for anything less than perfect.
  3. Want a pay rise? Know what's your worth and that you deserve to be paid as much as you desire.
  4. Live each day at a time. 
  5. Stop thinking and talking about the past and worrying about the future.
  6. Watch your tongue. If there's nothing nice to say... SHUT UP!
  7. Forget about future goals if you can't complete your daily work. It's the small steps that leads you to the bigger picture.
  8. Stay focus on the end result. That means, you need to know what you want in life.
  9. Love life and the people around you. YES! That includes the people you can't stand.
  10. Only hang out with positive people. Watch your environment closely.
  11. If you say you'll do something do it... say what you mean and mean what you say. How you do something, is how you do everything. That's integrity.
  12. Break a rule or two... rules are meant to be broken. Live for yourself and not what others think you should do!
  13. Go have a DRASTIC makeover.

If you still have problems doing this, then get an accountability partner. If you really want a different and better life then you need to do something you've never done before.

Is it worth it?  I don't know.... you tell me.....

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