Is your (LOVE) life messed up?

14 January 2013

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I may not have met you personally but if you think that your LOVE life is messed up then I would (boldly) assume that all other areas of you life is not as smooth sailing as well.

I know you may be thinking in your head... "How dare she say she that?" Welll..... there's a saying... how you do something is how you do everything.

If you love life is in a mess then, probably you're also not in a job you love, not making the money you would like to, not having the time and money to do what you love and maybe.... just maybe.... not very excited to get out of bed every morning.

I may not know you but let me tell you why your life in general is in a mess.

  1. You lack integrity. I'm not saying you are dishonest but you lack integrity towards yourself.  You don't keep the promises you've made. For eg: You may tell yourself things like: You'll get up earlier to meditate... You'll save $200 every month.... spend more time with family.... but you don't keep your word. THINK GOAL SETTING!
  2. You don't invest in yourself. Investing in yourself means spending money on growing and developing yourself (your mindset and awareness). The more you invest in yourself, the more you show the universe you love yourself and you deserve it!
  3. You don't act on the opportunity that it's presented to you.  Sometimes we expect the opportunities to appear in a certain way, the way we want it... but it doesn't. You may be shown several steps before reaching the actual goal.
  4. You are not spending enough time alone (quality time). Spending time alone helps you get to know you better.  If you aren't respecting yourself and loving the time with you, why would someone else?
  5. You are still in the victim mindset (where you envy others getting what they want but doubt it for yourself) or princess mindset (you expect everything to be served to you on a silver platter).
  6. Unwilling to make any changes. If you are not making any changes because of money or what ever reason, then ask yourself, how will you ever get out the situation you are in? Are you afraid of taking risk? No risk, no gain!
  7. Not taking any action. Are you just complaining about how life can be better? Complaining isn't going to get you anywhere. 
If you truly want to make this year the best year for you, then start with this.... I'm not going to ask you do walk up the mountains or cross the red sea.  

Do just this 1 thing: I want you to de clutter your life.
What does this mean?
  • Clear out your office.
  • Clear out your wardrobe, cabinet, drawers....
  • Clear out your thoughts....
  • ... whatever that's not serving you and your highest good.
And then start organizing them neatly... yes you can do that with your thoughts!

Once you start clearing out things that no longer serve your highest good, watch how the universe then replaces the "spaces" with things you really want. The universe abhors vacuum... don't ask me why.. that's just the way it is...

You already have everything you need, am I right to say... you want MORE than what you have now? To have more than enough and to be able to manifest what you want, you have to let go and believe that your life is already in order.

All you need to do right now is to JUMP and know that you will land safely on dry land!
Have faith, jump and let go! Love and abundance is waiting for you on the other side. 

Are you ready?

ImageElyse is Singapore's Leading LOVE coach for Successful Single women from  She is a Love Attraction Expert and also known as the "Queen of Love Transformations ". She specializes in helping single women who struggles to attract amazing men who will rock their world to Attract their TRUE LOVE in 90 days and get a love life the easy and painless way by showing them why they are stuck and experiencing blocks with love and help clear them pretty quickly.  

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She believes that it's every woman's ultimate goal to love and be loved and live a purposeful life.  When a woman experiences and gets the love she desires, she is able to create miracles in her life. She becomes an alchemist. On the other hand, when a woman's life is blocked in love, it affects every area of her life.  She literally shuts down and experiences struggles in every area of her life.

"Love life and live life the way you want it!" ~ Elyse-Anne

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