Is being SINGLE on Valentine's Day torturing you?

14 February 2013

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Are you feeling miserable because you are single?

I know how it feels because I used to feel miserable and horrible on this day. I secretly hated all my friends who are attached on this day because they are happy and I'm not! They ditched me for the guy... haha...

All my relationships either ended right before Valentine's Day or started after Valentine's Day. You could say I was cursed! lol!  Therefore, I made it almost my life mission to spend someone... anyone on Valentine's Day so that I can shallowly and lamely declare that I'm NOT SINGLE.

Watch the video what I have to say to turn this day to your advantage to Attract your True Love.

Meet Elyse The LOVE Coach for women

ImageElyse is Singapore's Leading LOVE coach for Successful Single women from  She is a Love Attraction Expert and also known as the "Queen of Love Transformations ". She specializes in helping single women who struggles to attract amazing men who will rock their world to Attract their TRUE LOVE in 90 days and get a love life the easy and painless way by showing them why they are stuck and experiencing blocks with love and help clear them pretty quickly.  

Because of this her clients get proven, undiluted and specific step by step instruction on how to get over their exs, attract men they really want and not who they get without looking desperate and feeling needy. No more mind games. No more conforming to society "rules". Her clients usually experience an A-HA moment in  just 1 session. 

She believes that it's every woman's ultimate goal to love and be loved and live a purposeful life.  When a woman experiences and gets the love she desires, she is able to create miracles in her life. She becomes an alchemist. On the other hand, when a woman's life is blocked in love, it affects every area of her life.  She literally shuts down and experiences struggles in every area of her life.

"Love life and live life the way you want it!" ~ Elyse-Anne

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