What are your levels of consciousness in your love life?

18 February 2013

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It's important to know your level of consciousness because then you know what's sabotaging you and blocking you.

3 levels of consciousness:

1. Unconscious
  • Not paying attention, unaware of what went wrong.
  • Drama dater.
  • Blaming others for your situation.
2. Semi conscious
  • You create your stories in your mind and you believe your own stories.
  • Stories are not facts.
  • Stories are opinions, judgements and interpretations.
What stories are you telling yourself about love and men?

If you don't know what are you believes, you can't change them.

3. Conscious
  • Aware of the big picture, self, others, past, present and future.
  • You take responsibility of what's happening around you.
  • You know everything happens for a reason.
Make Dating Intentions:
  • Be clear about what you want for your future and acting in alignment with your desired outcome.
To date consciously:
  1. Be clear about who you are and what you want.
  2. Be 100% responsible of your love life.
  3. Make decisions and choices and take actions that are in alignment with what you want.
Trust the process and focus on the end result.

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