Do you get jealous easily?

11 March 2013

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Know how being jealous feels like? Feels awful right? Do you remember what was the incident that made you jealous? I believe, it's usually  men related.

I've heard of some women who forbids their partner to look at other women when they are with them because they feel that they are not respected. 

What do you think? I think there's nothing wrong to look and appreciate beauty. 

My husband and I do it all the time.... As you know, I've a thing for boobs and whenever I see a pretty girl with nice boobies I'll get very excited and share "her" with my husband. I think to a point where my husband thinks I'm mad! If my husband sees my favourite actor on TV, he'll shout for me. Once, an actor that I really like was on board his flight, he came home (happy and proud) and shared the news with me.  

I googled the word "JEALOUS" and this showed up.

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Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human connection. Jealousy often consists of a combination of presenting emotions such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness and disgust. In the original broad meaning used in this article, jealousy is distinct from envy, though the two terms have popularly become synonymous in the English language, with both now taking on the narrower definition originally used for envy alone.

Jealousy is a very painful and destructive emotion. It turns you into an irrational mad woman. I remember when I was much younger I was once this green eyed monster. As you know my husband is a cabin crew and I would always report sick because I wanted to around him (I didn't trust him being alone).  

When we go clubbing, I would always stay very close to him as I wanted all the girls out there to know that he was taken and he was mine! My mind would go crazy when he goes on long haul flights. 

My whole world revolved around him and I was so miserable.... I felt secured only if he was in my 1meter radius. I would always cry if he even said he was going to leave me! I know I was pathetic and hopelessly in love. I would ditch my friends whenever my husband was in town. Yes again... pathetic!

I remember my ex colleague told me that she suspected her husband seeing some girl. She found out which flight she was on and waited for her at the gate. (Don't ask me how she found out.) She not only confronted her but slapped her in public.

Being jealous may cause you to become jittery all the time and it will cause a strain in your relationship. If you find yourself being jealous because you suspect your partner is seeing someone ... and you may or may not be right... just confront him and see what he says. It's better to speak your mind than to harbor this emotion. Use your own intuition and feeling to see if he's telling the truth. The truth may hurt but the truth sets you free.

Some woman are so afraid of hearing the truth and they torture themselves by excessive thinking. What's the benefit of this? You end up losing sleep, can't function properly during the day and risk your health. If it hurts, it' ain't love.

If you know that you are the jealousy type, ask yourself why? If you have to constantly worry, then maybe you need to re evaluate your relationship. Obviously, there's no trust in the relationship. 

Do you want to freak out every time he makes a call or when his phone rings?

Do you enjoy confrontations?

If the guy wants to leave, he will. So what's the point of having him in person but not his heart. If he leaves, what are you really afraid of? Shattering your self confidence, lose face...? You can't force someone to love you. That's not a healthy relationship. If it's so frustrating, then let him and the relationship go. You will find someone who will love you just the way you are.

Never allow any man to wrap you around his finger. Unless you enjoy being controlled by him. If you get jealous easily, it means you allow yourself to be a victim of the relationship. Start taking control of your love life, and never allow anyone to treat you like a second fiddle. Work on your confidence and if the the guy can't see the beauty in you then... N.E.X.T!!!

Even though I'm married, I tell my husband that if he ever finds himself falling for another woman, tell me... I'll bless him and let him go. 

Of course I'll be sad but life goes on... no one is indispensable. I used to control him so much. I would be so pissed if I had to stay home while he goes out drinking with his friends. And the more I tried to control him, the more he wanted to run away from me. Today, because I don't do that anymore, he's always home. 

You won't be able to change ANY man. The only person you can change is yourself.

Love and treat yourself with royal respect and the rest of the world will treat you the same. You deserve an AWESOME love life because you are worth it!

Is this how your LOVE life looks like?

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