How to Make Online Dating Work For You

22 April 2013

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Online dating... it's a love hate relationship isn't it? I'm sure you've heard of all the horror stories about online dating... girls being cheated, men spamming your inboxes and men who just wants to have fun... and I don't blame you for freaking out after hearing so many horror stories.

I know you will want to try it out if you are new to the dating scene or if you haven't been dating for a while. And going out to meet new people isn't exactly your cup of tea right now. I understand... it's scary to suddenly get out of your comfort zone and go out there and be vulnerable. I get it! If there's a choice you'll prefer to be in your pyjamas and your MR Right is delivered right to your doorstep. But chances are really slim unless you are OK dating the UPS guy or your local postman. So, if you put on some pants and get out there, you will increase your chances of meeting your MR. Right. But that's not say online dating can't work for you.

But here's an interesting fact I just found out... the ratio of men to women on the dating sites is 9:1. That means 90% of the people on those dating sites are men and only 10% are women. So if that's the case then YOUR chances of success is so much higher than the men, don't you think?

I want you to think about this... If you as an eligible woman who is kind and gentle submitting your details to these dating sites, do you there will be eligible men who are nice and sincere submitting their details to these dating sites as well? Remember the statistics I shared with you earlier? Your chances are pretty high don't you think?

First of all, if your impression of online dating site is on the negative side and you think that all the men on those sites are out to cheat or they are not serious then naturally that will be your experience because that's what you belief and focus on.

Because that's your perception, then even if a nice guy contacted you, you'll doubt his intentions and you end up self sabotaging yourself.

Secondly, if you are someone who judges a lot on the physical, the men you attract will also judge you on the physical. The same principle applies to dating agencies. They match you based on the superficial level.... how he looks, what's his job (tittle), how much he makes....

How can you make online dating work for you... while you are in your PJS...?
  1. Get rid of the mindset that all the men on the dating sites are jerks. If you feel so, don't bother participating.
  2. Get clear on WHY you want to participate on the dating site.  i.e. To make new friends.
  3. Your profile picture should be one that is able to show the real you. No bikini photo.
  4. Write your profile truthfully. You don't want to attract the "wrong" kind of men.
  5. Send out good and positive vibes and expect success.
I want you be clear on one thing, if you haven't been dating for a while now, you may get all excited about going on your first date and lose yourself. Listen... going on dates doesn't mean you have to pretend to be someone you are not to impress the guy. The purpose of these dates is to get to know the guy better and get clear on what you want and what you don't want. If he ain't the right one... move on... NEXT... 

Remember... you are the prize and you totally deserve the best because you are worth it!

True love is for everyone... why not you?

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