Do you love you?

05 June 2013

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I hear this all the time... What is love? And how do I love myself?

Whenever I ask people this question: Do you love you? I alway get the answer YES.  Well, I expect people to say yes because no one will admit that they don't. Just like a person who's drunk will not admit that they're drunk. That's called EGO! But... I don't believe them.

Because if they do, they won't allow themselves to be hurt, angry and even be victimized. 

After I explain this to them... the next response will usually be.... Oh.... then again... maybe I don't really love myself.

Is going for retreats, buying that famous handbag or going for facials not enough to prove and show that I love myself?

Watch the video to find out what "daily" actions you can take to love yourself and get to know you better.

If you find yourself resisting to watch the video... Think about this... If you don't love you, don't expect others to love you the way you want. =)

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