A Night With Elim Chew

12 July 2013

I've never thought that I would come this close to a local successful entrepreneur... let alone have dinner together at the same table. But I guess there's a time for everything and I choose to believe that I must be doing something right to vibrate this experience into my life. I also would like and choose to believe that success isn't too far away from me. After all, as the law of attraction states... LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Frankly, this wouldn't have happened if I didn't invest in myself and be part of this amazing community of women entrepreneurs (The Athena Network Singapore). I'm the membership ambassador btw... If you want to have something you never had before then you have to do something you've never done before and that includes in investing in yourself. If you think Money can't bring you happiness... think again.. If you are not using money the right way, then of course money can't bring you happiness. I don't want to get into my soap box here but.. invest your money on the right things!

Let's continue....

So... the SOCIAL entrepreneur that I had dinner with was ELIM CHEW. She's the owner of 77th street. A local brand that I kinda grew up with. I remember wearing my IJ uniform and hanging around 77th street because it was just the cool thing to do when I was young.

Along with 10 other successful entrepreneurs, not only did we get to "touch" her in real life, we got to ask her (many) questions. Before the dinner, I was wondering what questions should I ask her. What if my questions were dumb and stupid.... I mean... she's so successful and I guess she must be used to answering and discussing "BIGGER" topics. 

YES I did ask my "dumb and stupid" questions because I really wanted to know. (no one laughed at me so the lesson is: just ask!)

I wasn't not sure if I would feel this calm and collected if I were seated with Donald Trump but Elim was so real and authentic. I really like her energy - calm and grounded. 

I feel one of the many reasons why she is as successful as she is today is because she has a very strong belief and faith in GOD. She listens to her own intuition and takes a leap of faith. Believe it or not, she didn't have any business plan and all she wanted initially was to just sell stuff and run her own hair salon. She started her retail chain by accident.

She also said that there's no right or wrong decision... as long as you are able to sleep peacefully at night, and that would be your RIGHT decision. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

I asked her: How did she manage to ELIMinate her competition and remained on the top?

Her reply?

"Because my name is ELIM!..." hahaha...

Elim is now a social entrepreneur and also a mentor to a lot of youths in Singapore. She is THE VOICE for the Singaporeans. She dares to speak her mind and challenge your thoughts. Well, if you want to be a change maker / agent, then you'll need to have the courage to speak your mind and not worry if you p*ss people off.

Here are the highlights of the dinner.... ENJOY! =)

Aromatic duck isn't the same as Peking Duck.

I was seated opposite Elim... nice view eh?

Feeling so blessed and honored!
And the rest of us....

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