Girl Meets Boy

09 July 2013

I have never done this before. 

My workshops are usually for only women but somehow there will always be 1 guy who will attend my workshop against all odds. And during the workshop, the "poor" guy will represent his entire 5 million counter parts. The women will pose a question to him and he will sorta have to "defend" his species.

So... I thought... why not have an event open to men as well. But I didn't want it to be like a speed dating event, where people just try to get as many numbers as possible or try to "score" a date by the end of the event.

I wanted it to be REAL and authentic. Leave the "trying to be perfect" persona outside the door.

Since this was the first time organizing an event like this, there were rooms for improvements but... overall I felt I have met the objectives of this event. (self confidence)

Just a gentle reminder when you attend events:  
If you are shy and don't speak up then, there's nothing I can do to help you. Don't just sit there and expect to be served.... Meaning when it comes to your own happiness, don't expect to be spoon fed. I can create the environment but the rest is up to you. Learn to take 100% responsibility for your life.

I've had people telling me that I should make them write down 3 points what they have learnt. 

HELLOOOooo!!! This is not a classroom environment! 

Here are some high lights from that day. 

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