A Day Of Love, Luxury and Transformation

19 August 2013

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My work is basically facilitate transformations. I'm always on a look out on creating NEW ways to facilitate my client's transformational journey in the most effective and "painless" way.

In my humble opinion, everyone needs a coach but not everyone is coachable. Why I say everyone needs a coach?

Because we all have blind spots and therefore we can't see what we can't see. And if we can't see what we can't see, then we can't possibly transform what we can't see.

It takes a lot of courage for one to hire a coach because not everyone have the courage to work on themselves. There are many reasons why people are stuck in their lives. One main reason is the arrogance to think that they know it all!

To succeed in life, the number thing we need is a good attitude. Without a good attitude, you wouldn't be able to attract this thing called "luck".  What is luck? Luck is preparation + opportunity.

I have had the honor to facilitate this one day intensive journey with my client. Where she went through both physical and emotional transformation. You can't imagine what we did and how much she has achieved in just 1 day!  I'm extremely proud of her....

Her intention was to increase her self confidence and have clarity in her future. So.... I dated her for a day. Here are some pictures of the day.

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