Is There Right Timing?

31 August 2013

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Do you believe that there's (divine) timing for everything? And the reason why you are still single and haven't met anyone is because timing isn't right for you?

I hear women say this all the time...

"The time isn't right now and when the time is right, he'll appear."
"We met when the time wasn't right. He's married."
"I'm ready for love but I'm waiting..."

Is this you?  Or have you heard anyone said it?

I'm not saying that time doesn't exist. I agree that there's a time and space for everything and I do believe in Divine Timing. And what do I mean by Divine Timing and it can't be rushed.

Let me give you an example of Divine Timing.

When you plant a seed, the seed doesn't grow immediately. Even if you supply it water and sunlight, it  grows in it's own time and not your time.

It won't grow till it's ready. You can chant "Grow... GROW.... GROW...." all day and water it with

MORE water (it'll do more harm than good), it'll still take it's own sweet time to grow. The seed grows into a seedling only when it's ready.

While waiting for it grow, we may disturb the soil to see if anything is happening. Because of your impatience, you disrupt it's rhythm and you may have destroyed it's chances of surviving.

The sun sets at 6pm and rises at 6am.

Winter comes at the end of the year and then comes spring.

This is divine timing.

Does this apply to your love life?

My answer is NO.

If you plant the seed of an apple tree, you will get an apple tree. And the seed knows that. It doesn't try to grow into a palm tree.

The reason why you are not attracting the love of your life yet is because you are like the seed of the apple tree trying to grow into a banana tree. What I mean by that is that you're not clear in the direction of your love life.

Many women tell me that they are ready and that they are very clear on what they want.... and that they love themselves and taking all the action they need.

THEN WHY? Under all these circumstances, there's NO reason why these women (you) are still single.

The manifestation cycle is 90 days. And if you haven't manifested what you want within 90 days, then it's obvious that something has gone wrong.

  1. You may say you want it (love) but you doubt it.
  2. You are not emotionally attached to your goal.
  3. It's not for your highest good.

I'm not suggesting that there's something wrong with you. I'm not and there's nothing wrong with you. The only reason why you are attracting men that you don't want is because of the lack of your unconscious beliefs about love and men. If you don't know what you don't know, you can't change what you don't know. You may not admit what you don't know (because of ego) but that doesn't change the result.

It's time to now sit down and get real with yourself. What beliefs do you currently have that's sabotaging your love life?

Women try to defend themselves all the time when I suggest looking deep within. I get it... no one likes to be told they are wrong.... EGO gets hurt or they may rake up the past and feel the hurt all over again. Whatever it is (resistance), the result doesn't lie. You can try hide your feelings and lie to yourself that everything is A-OK but just pause and look at your results.

You are STILL single.

So I suggest, you put your ego aside and go deep within yourself and take a microscopic look at what could be sabotaging your love life.

Let me give you a head start. Take full responsibility of your thoughts and beliefs. No one created this situation. You did!

When you eliminate all the limited beliefs and mind chatter about love, time won't play a part anymore. You will take matters into your own hands and create opportunities for yourself.

Don't use time as an excuse to prevent you from dating or meeting men. Using time as a distraction brings up fear within yourself and it makes you feel like there's something wrong with you therefore, nothing is happening.

When your belief system is right and your energy is high, you will be at the right place at the right time to meet your true love. It's as if as the stars and moon aligned themselves to create the magical moment for you.

There's isn't such thing as THE RIGHT or wrong time when it comes to relationships, the clearer you know what you want and WHO YOU ARE, the right time is now!

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