Karma and The Law of Attraction

25 August 2013

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Do you believe in Karma? People are so afraid of the word karma. They associate the word with retribution. And have you heard people saying..."I must have done something bad in my past life and therefore my relationships are cursed."

What is karma really? Karma is the law of cause and effect. You get what your give. So if you do good, you receive good. You do bad, you get back bad vibes. It has nothing to with you being punished because you have been bad.

How does karma affect your relationships?

If you are cynical person, always gossiping and backstabbing behind people's back or if you are always judging people then, that's the vibes you are sending out. And because you are in this zone, you will also be paranoid that people are also doing the same thing to you. You uncontrollably become more sensitive. Because you feel that you've been "violated" you counter react with more gossips.

On the other hand, if you are sincerely concern about people and accept people just the way they are, you naturally become a love magnet. Because you are just so pleasant to be hang around. When you are just yourself, you give others the permission to be around you. 

If you are always attracting men who are emotionally unavailable or are always cheating on you. Perhaps you are not emotionally available to yourself, to the people around you or you don't keep your promises.

When you do good, you will attract good. That's how the law of cause and effect AND the law of attraction work hand in hand.

Look at your current situation now and see how these 2 laws are playing out in your life. If you can recognize the pattern, you can use these laws to your advantage and you can then create a life you truly deserve.

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