Are you spying on your boyfriend?

09 September 2013

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Do you have the tendency to check on your partner's handphone or emails?

Have you ever wondered why you do this? If you don't trust him, does that mean you also don't trust that you are the woman meant for him?

If you trust yourself and know that you are the best, why do you need to check on your partner's stuff? He may be your partner but he doesn't belong to you. And we all need our space. I'm pretty sure you like your freedom and you don't like people "spying" on you either.

Alright! You may suspect that he's cheating on you. Still.... that doesn't give you the right to check on his stuff. And I'm not saying you shouldn't trust your own gut feeling and intuition.

Let me ask you a question. So... now that you've found out that he may be cheating on you. What do you plan to do with the evidence? Do you plan to keep quiet but allow your emotions to fly all over the place? And eventually.... maybe self destruct and go into a depression?

If you don't plan to do anything with the evidence, then I suggest you don't check on anything. If you do suspect..... 

Watch the video to find out what you can do, instead of sneaking behind his back.

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