Do Opposites Attract?

23 September 2013

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I hear this all the time... Opposites attract. I used to think it's true. But in this video today I would like to share why I don't believe this is the case.

On a side note, do you actually want to attract someone who's the same as you or do you want to attract someone who's completely opposite from you?

I feel it depends on why you want to be in a relationship or why you want a man.

If you want a man to save you, then obviously you'll want someone who is the complete opposite of you. However, if you are already successful and happy then you would want someone of equal status.

So, coming back to the question.... Do opposites attract?

The answer is NO. On the surface, it may seem like the opposites attract. But that's only on the superficial level. If you know and believe about the Law of Attraction, then you'll know that LIKE Attracts LIKE.

That means you attract what/ who you deserve to have. You may be saying.... NO!!! How the heck is this possible... Why would I want to emotionally unavailable men?

You attract the men who mirror your thoughts and beliefs.

YES! On the conscious level, you know you don't want. But that does not mean you unconsciously believe that's the case. It's always the unconscious beliefs that are driving your results.

WATCH the rest of the video to find out how you can attract the man of your dreams RIGHT NOW!

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