He said he'll call... But didn't

30 September 2013

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For a long time, I've been telling the ladies... not to think too much and jump into conclusion that if a
guy says he'll call but didn't. 

Well... I obviously don't think like a man so I think that if he doesn't call, he's busy... not that he's out with some other women. The reason why I believe this is because, women are great story tellers. Women can come up with the most ridiculous stories to justify why he didn't call and therefore conclude there's something wrong them. Stories are not facts. 

I had coffee with a guy friend recently and I decided to ask him what he thinks or why is it when a guy says he'll call but didn't. My friend is not just any ordinary man. He used to run a dating agency so I trust his experience.

Want to know what he said? Watch the video to find out...

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