Successful Career, Relationship Failure?

14 October 2013

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You may think that women who have successful careers will have successful relationships.
When I talk about relationships, I'm not talking about people relationships. I'm talking about BGR (boy-girl relationships)

In reality, many career women struggle in that department. You would think that women who are successful have got everything sorted out right? That's just theory.

See... if you really want to climb the corporate ladder to be successful, all you need to do is be the best employee, add value to the company, make sure your have a good working relationship with your boss and ultimately make lots of money for the company. If you follow all these steps, there's no reason why you will not be promoted and get your rank.

If only BGR is that easy. There will be many happily ever after stories, no divorces and more happy people. You can read as many self help books and even attend all the love guru's workshops BUT love isn't 1 + 1 = 2. "Unfortunately" for some, we have FREE WILL. And we can't force men to love you the way you want.

You can certainly manipulate them to fall in love with you by acting a certain way or speaking a certain way. But you won't get to be YOU. Is that what you want?

Watch the video to find out how you can have both successful careers and relationships.

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