What Is Your Love Zone?

19 October 2013

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Have you heard of this saying... Whatever you want is outside your comfort zone? So what is your LOVE zone?

You may say you want love and believe in love but until you experience love, you'll always attract a relationship based on your past relationships. Because that is your comfort zone. 

You can have anything you want. You can't sit and OooMMm the whole day and not take any action. You can spend your time making a nice vision board or repeat affirmations to yourself everyday but you are not going to take any action, you won't get anywhere.

Before you take any action, it's good to find out what are your REAL beliefs about LOVE. Watch the video to find out what's really sabotaging your love life.

Why this is important? Because until you find out what's sabotaging your love life, you'll always have this little voice that will tell you... Yeah Right!

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