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27 October 2013

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One of the reason why I achieved success in such a period of time is because I always follow my intuition.  Intuition isn't the same as the "little voice". 

The "little voice" tells you things like you can't do or... YEAH RIGHT!

The voice of the intuition gives you hope and strength. Although it may tell you do something completely out of you comfort zone but it shows you a solution. I always seek higher guidance for everything in my life.

So... your intuition may have told you that this guy will break your heart but you don't listen to it and ... erm... yes your intuition was right. The thing is... the more you listen to it... the louder it gets and you'll trust yourself to make decisions on your own.

Something strange about women. They can't think for themselves. Whenever they meet a new guy, they NEED to show him to her girls to make sure her girls approves of him. *roll eyes

Excuse me... who's dating this guy now? You or your girls?   

One thing I learn from successful people is that they make decision very quickly and they make it on their own. They trust their gut. When you ask around, what does it say? It says that you don't trust yourself for making decision for yourself because should something go wrong... it's not your fault.

Now.... be it in your love life or in your financial situation, you HAVE to be 100% for you own situation. You don't need permission from anyone to live your good fortune.

OK! For those of you who need permission to go get the life you deserve.... YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION...

Coming back to why I wanted to facilitate this Women And Money Workshop is because just 1 year ago,  I was struggling. Struggling to make ends meet... struggling to make sense of why the heck I'm here... just struggling in general, if you know what I mean. 

Today, I went from struggling to thriving and I even won the Xtraordinary Women Award 2013 - Best Working Mother.  I thought to myself, that there must be a reason why I won this award. At the end of the day, an award is an award is an award. I believe that everything happens for a reason. 

Let's face it... the reality is as such, people won't listen to you unless you've proved that you're worth listening too.

So, the workshop Women And Money was born. Since I won the award, I've received so many emails from women asking me how to monetize their passion and how to break free from the current situation they are in right now.

There're many .... many... many women out there who are dragging their feet to work but yet are so afraid to leave. Kind of like, staying in a toxic and abusive relationship even though they know it's not for their highest good. WHY? 


Fear that they may not find a better man or job so this is as good as it gets. Fear that they will not be able to monetize their passion. It all boils down the lack of self worth. 

"Who the heck am I to make so much money?"

"Who the heck am I to want to change the world?"

"Will anyone actually want to buy my products?"

So, what has this got to do with marrying the right man?

See... you want to marry the right man. Your right man wants to marry the right woman too. Are you the right woman?

Don't think that a man will magically appear and save you out of your situation. It only happens in the movies... in Hollywood!

When you learn how to make your own money and stand on your own 2 feet, you will start weeding out men who don't deserve your love and time.

If you're struggling in any areas of your life, you'll attract men who are confused and messed up in their own ways too.

I would like to see more women get their act together and start creating a life they deserve. No woman deserves to live a life they don't want. No woman! PERIOD!

This isn't going to be last Women And Money workshop. I would actually like to tour around the world talk about this.

If you would like to have me speak to your community, please shoot me an email >>> Elyse@PurposelyLove.com.

I discovered that there's something magical about the number $10K. Once you reach $10K, the world seems to change. And it's my desire to start a $10K club to help women achieve this in a short period of time.

If you haven't achieved any success in your life, it really means that you're not really hard up for it.  Before money can work for you, you have to work for the money first. 

There're no short cuts to success. If you're unwilling to do the work, then don't whine and complain. 

I want you to think about this... What is your current situation with money and why are you tolerating it?
"Learning how from a dark place Elyse has blossomed. Therefore it is possible for all of us through awareness and action. Liberating talk about money the whole day.
Not having money is no shame but women need to acknowledge this is a problem and find how they can be self sufficient - else they end up relying on a relationship or a job that is based purely on money.
I've learnt not to give myself excuses or doubt my beliefs and self worth. I'm 100% responsible or money and not everything is about money all the time. With good intention, money will come to me."
~ Angie 
Photo courtesy from Angie.
"The workshop helps me to take an honest look at my relationship with money and uncover what are some of my limiting beliefs about money that are stopping me from enjoying greater abundance.
I love it that Elyse is very transparent about sharing her personal experiences and past struggles.
It's an inspiring workshop and I totally recommend it."
~ Ruth Wong (Freelance writer & Mom blogger - Mommy Cafe) 
Photo courtesy from Jun Mi.

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  2. i do agree with her on this when ever i choose not to listen to my intuition.. it screws me over .. most of the time it really did


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