Why Not You?

18 November 2013

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I didn't grow up being the prettiest or the smartest. In fact, I don't think I ever fit into any groups. I tried but I always end up group hopping. I was happy to be anyone who "accepted" me and wanted to hang out with me. I often dreamed about hanging out with the popular group and how nice it would be to have many friends.

I hated to be seen alone. Because that was so uncool! I wanted to be accepted so, I started listening to the radio to learn about what's the latest music... Begged my mom for extra pocket money so that I could buy cool clothes to fit in. She gave me $300 and I begged my teacher to bring me shopping.

When I grew up, I didn't have much of an identity either. I would see what my friends wore and I would buy the same. Same hairstyle... Same hand bags... Shoes... I was basically a clone of my friends. Sounds familiar?

Carl Jung talked about the herd mentality. What I went through was a demonstration of this herd mentality. And that's also known as the society standards. Like why the women needs to wake up to feed the child (even though she has to wake up early to make breakfast and go to work the next day) while it's ok for the father to sleep through because he has to work the next day.

Have you ever asked who made all these rules and standards?

I know plenty of women who don't agree with the society standard rules but they don't do anything about it. What the do? They form their women groups and complain and gossip. I used to one of them.

Did you know if someone asked you a question, you don't have to answer?

But you will answer the question because you have been conditioned to do so and it's not polite not to answer. Therefore, we have been conditioned to be a good woman and not cause so much trouble.

Here's the thing.... If you want to have a divine life, then you need and must have the courage to speak up and stand up for yourself. Because the sad news is... No one will stand up for you.

Everyone I speak to would like to have more money. So why can't you have more?

Most people want to have more but unconsciously reject money.  Consciously who don't want to have more so, it's your unconscious that's sabotaging you. 

You may associate having more money:
  • with having more responsibilities.
  • means you have to work harder.
  • means that you are greedy.
There must be something stopping you from making all the money you want. Because we are all created the same and are given the same opportunities.

I want you to think about this. You may have doubts but let's just agree that the above statement is true. Why can't you have the life you desire? List down all the "excuses" and ask yourself...."Why not me?"

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