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02 December 2013

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It's the end of the year and the new year 2014 is just around the corner. In fact, it's next month. It's a good time to think about what you have and have not done in the past year. Basically, take some time off to reflect. And I'm sure as you reflect, you'll start to write your new year resolutions.

Before you do that, I want you think about all your past new year resolutions. You've made them and have you followed through? If not, don't waste your time and forget about it. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about dreaming big and making things happen but here's the thing. If you have a big dream but you don't have any actionable simple steps, you'll give up before you even start doing anything.

Because you think it's too hard and therefore you give up. It's like we all know we can't walk before we learn how to crawl. The same principle applies. 

Watch the video to find out how you can achieve your dreams with grace and ease.

Elyse-Anne is the Queen of Love Transformation. She went from being a drug addict and a alcoholic to an award winning coach. Her work is about transforming ordinary women to Xtraordinary women so that they can live a life they deserve. 

She was featured in CLEO magazine, Simply Her, on radio 938 LIVE (Eugene Loh's A slice of Life and Michelle Martin's Wow Club), an expert on the website,,, featured writer in Digital Romance and Xtraordinary Women - Best working mother 2013. 

Purposely In Love is a personal development company that helps women attract, master and teach love. The process is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, a deeper approach than the surface dating tips, helping singles consciously create a relationship with the person that is meant for their true self.

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