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17 January 2014

My nails have a lot to do with my success. Believe me!

When I was still struggling, I've always wanted to have nice nails but I would look at the money in the bank and decided that I couldn't afford it as I had other more important things that needed this sum of money. EG: my children's milk powder and the daily necessities. 

Although it really upsets me that I've to tolerate looking at my less than pretty nails, I felt I couldn't do anything about it. I allowed money to decide the kind of life I can have. Means I allowed money to be my master and I was the servant.

As my business grew, I decided that it was time to do something about this desire and go have my nails done. Since I choose to do gel nails, it's a continuous thing.... it was a commitment.

I've never looked back since the day I decided to have my nails done. As it became my non negotiable that I not just wanted it... but I NEEDED it. Now... it's just part of me.

Even though you may not have the money to enjoy big luxury items now but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the little luxuries in life. All these small luxuries you gift yourself adds up (slowly but surely) to the bigger luxuries. Because then it becomes your "NORMAL".

You can't get to this NORMAL life if you choose to wait till you have the money because you'll end up just waiting.

Do something nice for yourself NOW as you're totally worth it AND.... you're telling your subconscious mind that you value yourself AND.... sending out vibes that you love yourself. As a result, you'll stop attracting people who don't value you.

Whether you want to attract your soul mate or financial freedom, it starts from you. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how others treat you.

My question for you is: What is it that you are tolerating? Know that you don't have to.

Watch the video to find out how my nails changed my life.

Elyse-Anne is the Queen of Love Transformation. She went from being a drug addict and a alcoholic to an award winning coach. Her work is about transforming ordinary women to Xtraordinary women so that they can live a life they deserve. She was featured in CLEO magazine, Simply Her, Cosmopolitan, on radio 938 LIVE (Eugene Loh's A slice of Life and Michelle Martin's Wow Club), an expert on the website, SelfGrowth, LifeStyleAsia, featured writer in Digital Romance and Xtraordinary Women - Best working mother 2013. 

Purposely In Love is a personal development company that helps women attract, master and teach love. The process is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, a deeper approach than the surface dating tips, helping singles consciously create a relationship with the person that is meant for their true self. 

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