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Hi, my name is Elyse-Anne and I'm Singapore's leading love coach for successful single women. I've helped many women attract their TRUE LOVE... and reach their maximum potential. And I can help you achieve the same results and get your love life the easy way without feeling desperate or looking needy.
  • Are you thinking why are you still single?
  • Are you sick and tired of trying to fix yourself so that you can be more lovable?
  • Are you wondering why is nothing happening for you?
  • Are you allowing a past relationship to hold you back from fully expressing your love?
  • Have you tried everything possible to be in healthy and loving relationship?
This is a proven Love Attraction system that has helped thousands of women around the world transform their relationships with men so that they can attract a man they want and not who they get.  That means you'll be a healthy and long last relationship. 

Warning: Using this system, not only will you attract true love and wealth, all areas of your life will transform as you learn how you manifest what you want.

You may not know me very well, but I used to be where you are right now.

I came from a broken family where my parents used to fight a lot and I didn't feel that I quite belong to the family because there weren't always around as well. I never really felt that they loved me so I've decided at a very young age that I'll have a loving husband and a happy family.  I dreamed a lot. I would visualize a knight in bright shiny armor riding on a white horse coming to rescue me from my tower. (OK! I admit, I've been watching too much of the movie, PRETTY WOMAN!) I really believed I could have my own fairy tale story and ending. At a very young age of 6 years old, I already knew there's someone called MR. RIGHT!

My mom always gave me the idea that my only ticket to happiness was to find someone rich and I believed her. I believed that in order to be happy, I needed a (rich) man.

To search for my (rich) man, I was out partying and drinking a lot. It seemed like it was THE ONLY way to see and be seen... in search of my TRUE LOVE.  Everyone seemed to be finding their TRUE love this way and some found him and of course some didn't. And even if it seemed like I found my TRUE LOVE, the relationships didn't last more that a month!  The man that came into my life either were married, wasn't ready to commit, dumped me for someone else or was posted overseas!  

I finally had enough of crying and weeping for men who didn't see me for who I am and I was so sick and tired of waiting for men who didn't love me back. I took a year off and stayed away from men. 

Fast forward to today, I'm happily married to the father of my 3 beautiful girls and we've been together for 10 years now. And because I know how painful it is to try to figure it all by yourself and crying yourself to sleep, I spent the last six years trying to figure out what really works in relationships and why some women consciously choose to be single to avoid heartaches while some women jump from one happy relationship to another at ease.

It is my soul purpose and life mission to help as many women as possible to be with their true love. To stop attracting unavailable men, put an end to relationships that leave you heartbroken and depleted.

If you want to change your love life once and for all, you are in the right place. Don't listen to advice from people who tell you that there's something wrong with you and you need to fix yourself in order to find your true love. No more conforming to society rules and standards. No more mind games and manipulation. No more pretending to be someone you are not to be lovable.

Want to know the secret of finding true love?

Whether you are Single Sally, Sabrina or Sandy, you long to be in a loving and long lasting relationship but just don't know how.

I know you want to be in a healthy and loving relationship and will work very hard to achieve your romantic goals.  Do you agree when a woman is in love, all areas of her life falls in place?  And if love is missing, her daily life is disrupted? YES? That's why it's so painful when you can't seem to attract the love that you desire.

And it's not your fault!

The good news is you don't have to change anything to attract the love you desire. All you need to do is to accept yourself just the way you are and believe that you deserve to be loved. If you are looking for the love of your life, he's also out there looking for you. The question is, do you believe in love?

The best way to change your romantic life once and for all is to learn to love yourself and then teach others how to love you. 

If you have tried everything and listened to almost everyone's advice and still... nothing is working for you, then I invite to check out my  proven love attraction system to attract the right man just as amazing as you. You don't want just any man, you want someone who can rock your world.

Ready to start your love journey?

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Would you like to write me a testimonial just like this?

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for being of great service to me during the one month coaching program.  I am/was privileged to be blessed with your support, selflessness, enthusiasm, encouragement, gentle love or tough love depending on what i needed or deserved at that time etc. I liked the fact that you did not say things just because they are things I  want or expected to hear. You were always well prepared before each session and had my best interests at heart.

Time spent with you (for coaching)regardless if its via phone, skype or in person was something I always looked forward to.

There would always be at least one or more huge moment(s) of revelation or enlightenment during each session leading me to a better understanding of myself or the issue we were working on during that session.

In between sessions, I appreciated the opportunities available to seek clarification so as to increase my understanding of the subject before and after putting the recommended exercises to use without waiting till the next session before it can be addressed. 

One of my favourite "perks" from the program was receiving your visualization recordings. I found it very useful in keeping me and my thoughts centered. Best part, it is mine for keeps.

Although I have been exposed to the whole idea of personal development and what it entails for some time.  The one month program with you helped me to fine tune the process with greater awareness, confidence and focus.   With greater awareness, it has led me to accept and be at peace with what was or is better. 

With the tools you have equipped me with, I am confident that I am well equipped to deal with what ever the promising journey ahead brings. 
The money spent on this program could have been used for many other things. Regardless, I do not regret it. I consider it one of my wisest investments.  You are worth it and so was I:)

Thank you for believing in what I am and can be even when I had difficulty doing the same.   Your desire to push the bar to the next level amazes me especially when you were heavily pregnant and now a awesome mother of 3.

I love the work you do and how you do it. So many would benefit from it just like I have.
Much Love and Gratitude,
~ May

What celebrity blogger Holly Jean say about my work

You might have noticed a new banner up on my site for Love Coaching. It's from a nice lady called Elyse, who I went to for Angel card reading a year plus ago (click here to read that post). The video is no longer available... but I remember her telling me something about my then BF (the HK guy). She told me that he wasn't serious, and that my match was someone else. I cut this part out of the video because I was still dating him at that time (lol). But I didn't want to believe her... in the end it turned out true ! Gah! (www.hollyjean.sg)
In a nutshell, Elyse helped change my life. Of course, it was the powers of the universe but she helped me harness it. From where I began just 3 sessions ago, a lost soul without direction with a messy and cluttered love life to where I am less than a month later. Confident, self loving, sure and I've never been happier. Truth is, life isn't a fantastic bed of roses, there's still the thorns that prick, only now, love heals me. It's not that much has changed around me, it's a change within me that's changed my life.

Elyse is a breath of fresh air, her candidness and genuine heart have helped me delve deep inside of myself, to reach beyond my pain and fears to find the real loving me.Every session is a breakthrough as we unclutter more areas of my life. 
I've found the meaning of living fully and loving fearlessly.

Her sessions are the best investment I've made in myself. Thank you Elyse!
~ Rachel
After attending Elyse's healing session, I felt an urge to change for the better. In the past, I will just try to avoid problems. Now, I've the courage to face problems that I will tend to avoid. In fact, I am full of negativity in the past. I will choose to look at the negative side. 
Elyse changed my perspective. Now, I will look things at the bright side and I am truly happier. I feel very blessed now!  The healing session was great. Before I first tried the healing session, I was feeling very nervous and scared. My whole body was so tense! But during the process, I feel very relaxed. The tingling sensation runs through my body. It is pretty amazing. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this session each time. 

If you are at a crossroad like I do, I strongly recommend you to look for Elyse. She is truly intuitive and dedicated. I am glad that I made the right choice, and I will never look back. Thank you, Elyse.

~ Sharon (Student)
"The session with Elyse was great, it was comfortable chatting with her though it was our first time meeting.Picked up loads of tips about how to do affirmations and using the power of our mind. 
Not knowing what to expect from the healing but during the session I actually experienced this nice tingling sensation running through from my head to my toes and at the end I actually felt more peaceful."
~ Anggie
I can't remember what was I googling for which led me to your website. I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet with you several times. In the beginning, I will admit that I was nervous about meeting you , telling you as much as I did/have as on one hand, I wondered how much do you already know without me telling you and how you would most probably know if I am not being honest etc...

Though sooner or if not later, I become more at ease and end up feeling very comfortable in your presence resulting in me telling you even more.

Once warmed up, I always felt very comfortable in your presence and I always leave your sessions/workshops/reading your replies feeling lighter and more enlightened and clearer.

In your website, you describe yourself as an intuitive healer and that your readings and guidance are direct to the point. I bear testimony to that. You are most intuitive and you definitely help me to understand things better and clearer. Be it the meaning of the cards, why certain things may be happening, the messages you may be receiving from the Angels about me, for me.

I thank you for your patience and generosity in all aspects. I am truly appreciative. Sometimes, I wished our session would never end because your responses to my questions or even some of the observations you make intuitively and otherwise makes so much sense and at times have been spot on.

You also recently said that "It is true God leads you to the right people at the right time to show you light" and I am certain that you are one of those people for me.

Thank God and Thank you!

Abundance of love, light and success.

~ Ramona (business owner, mother of 3)

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