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Welcome to my website!  I'm so glad you found your way here.  Perhaps you are going through a bad patch in your current relationship and you don't know what to do or perhaps you're still waiting for your TRUE LOVE to appear.  Whatever the reason is, you may just find your answers here.  Before you click around my website, I would like to introduce myself and share a little about my own LOVE story.

I'm Elyse-Anne founder of PurposelyInLove. (CEO of the company Lovetiquette). 

PurposelyInLove is a personal development company that helps women attract, master and teach love. I'm a Certified Creative Love™ Coach, a process based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, a deeper approach than surface dating tips. Creative Love ™ helps singles consciously create a relationship with the person that is meant for their true self. This process has helped thousands of women around the world find their true love. 

Lovely days don't come to you, you should walk to them...” ~ Rumi 
I was featured as a LOVE expert in CLEO magazine (February 2013 issue), invited as a guest speaker on radio 938 LIVE (Eugene Loh's A slice of Life and Michelle Martin's Wow Club), an expert on the website,,, featured writer in Digital Romance and bagged a Best Working Mum 2013 (Xtraordinary Women).... And Mrs Singapore 2013 finalist. Nothing to do with my work but I took part just to make sure I don't have any If ONLY bugging me in the future.

I known for my honesty and I don’t sugar coat my words just because I want you to like me.  I think I’m like the Japanese wine – SAKE, strong at the beginning but it leaves you with a sweet after taste.  I’m fiercely loyal to my family, friends and causes I believe and support.

I remember I was 6 at that time and I wrote in my diary that when I grew up, I would meet my Mr. Right and live happily ever after. I don’t know where I learned the words Mr. Right at that age but I truly believed he was out there. Perhaps I had watched too many Disney princess movies! However, my dream of finding my Mr. Right was soon crushed when my mum read my diary and my parents gave me a stern talking to.  They told me there’s no such thing as Mr. Right and that I should concentrate on my studies.  From that moment, I never talked about Mr. Right again.

My parents fought regularly and eventually they ended up divorcing.  Mum had custody of my sister and I. Shortly after the divorce, she was seeing a married man, a very rich married man. She basically brought me up with the idea that I needed to find a rich man so that I would be all set for life.

With that belief, I set out to find my rich man.  I got a job as a flight attendant because the chances of marrying a rich man were higher.  I did meet a lot of rich men but mostly they were married.  My relationships with men never lasted more that 1 month.  I really thought there was something wrong with me.

I met my husband when I was 23 and at that time he was also going through a divorce.  He wasn’t ready to jump into another relationship; but I was. I don’t think we were in the same relationship. Although I thought I was in a relationship ( I admit! I was lying to myself so that I wouldn’t feel like there was something wrong with me.) but he didn’t think so. I did everything I could to be with him.  I gave up hanging out with my friends, didn’t go to work and eventually I was asked to leave.

Now that I was jobless, I couldn’t be man-less.  I did what I could not to be man-less. I guess I was one of the lucky ones because my prayers came true. He eventually did see my beauty and fell in love with me.

Honestly, the turning point in our relationship was when we had our daughter, Gabrielle in 2006.  She has taught me what unconditional love really means.  I no longer tried to control my husband.  When I changed my beliefs, he changed too.  Today, we have 3 children together. Aged 7, 3 and 4 months and we’ve been happy together for 10 years now.

During this 10 year period, I embarked on my own spiritual journey.  I became a workshop junkie, going for every spiritual workshop available in Singapore.  I’m a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner by Doreen Virtue, an Angelic Reiki Master, Past life therapist, Certified Angel Card reading and I took basic hypnosis.

After I left my job as a stewardess, I started my own healing practice working with mostly women.  I did that for about 7 years until I found my niche – Love Coaching.

I realized that as long as the mind cannot comprehend the situation, it would take a longer time to get the results you want.  That’s when I discovered the Creative Love Coaching©.

As a Love Coach now, I work with single women who struggle in attracting a man they want and deserve.  My work is about showing them what are their barriers to love and change the course of their love life forever so that they can be with the love of life.

I was 8 months pregnant when I attended the first women’s Startup Weekend in Singapore and I stayed for the full event (56 hours over 3 days).  Through this event, I got to know about another start up event organized by Newton Circus.  It was a collaboration with the Arthur Guinness Fund to support marginalized women through businesses.  It was another 3 day event.  I didn’t think it was time wasted because my team actually won $30k in funding to start a jewellery business.  Am I a crazy mom?  Maybe! I felt I didn’t want to waste any time idling around.

My dream is to have a LOVE Coaching School. Why this school is so unique? Because not only will you be certified as a love coach but you will also be equip with the knowledge on how to set up and start a business. This is a win-win situation for those who want to start a business that is focused on helping people transform their lives with love.

Like they said, love is the golden ticket to life and my mission is help as many women activate the love within themselves so they can teach others how to love them the right way.

“True love is for everyone, why not you?” ~ Elyse-Anne

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Interview With Elyse-Anne

Question: " How did you end up being a "Love" coach? It's rather unheard of isn't it?"

Elyse: Well, to be quite honest, I never thought I'll want to be or end up a Love Coach.  And yes it's rather unheard of.  There are many coaches out there, such as life coaching, business coaching, success coaching and relationship coaching.  

Many people mistake me as a dating coach but I don't teach people how to date.  I teach and help people how to attract the LOVE they desire getting clear on what they want out of LOVE, unblock their limiting beliefs and clear relationship blockages.

Here's my story:

My parents divorced when I was about 11 years old and as far as I can remember my parents fought a lot!  Honestly, my idea of being in a relationship was rather warped.  I was taught that I can't depend on a man for my happiness and yet I was raised to believe that only a RICH man can give me happiness and financial security.  To make things worse, I was from an ALL GIRLS school so, all the boy-girl relationship did make me very curious. 

When I was 16, my mother re married. And at the age, I wanted attention and at the rebellious stage, I mixed with the wrong company. I ended up going to pubs every night, got drunk and eventually got addicted to drugs. During this time, my relationship with my mom turned so sour that I decided to run away from home.

But it didn't take me too long to realize that there wasn't really a place for me out there and no one was wiling to take me in. The men took me in with conditions. Although I was 16, I knew that wasn't right but didn't know what to do. That's why I went home.

I didn't know I was hooked and addicted to drugs until I was home. I had to go through the "cold turkey" to become clean again. I really felt like dying.

To make matters worse, my mom called the police and I was arrested at home. I was handcuffed and stayed overnight at the police station. The next day, I came before the judge and she was to decide my fate. Lucky for me, my mom intervened and she promised that I'll turn over a new leaf. Otherwise, I would end up in the girl's home.

Finally, I turned 20 and I became a flight attendant.  Again, if you know of anyone who flies, our love lives were rather  like "hollywood" style.  Never a dull moment. I never knew what LOVE really was.  All I wanted was to BE IN A RELATIONSHIP because everyone else was in one.  I attract mostly men who either didn't take me seriously or men who will never love me back.  But honestly, I think I quite enjoy the drama because it was exciting.

At the ripe old age of 23, I met my then boyfriend, now husband (we've been together for almost 10 years now! Yay!) and I was totally in LOVE with him and I made my life revolve around his.  I was like a super glue.  Because he also flies, and I want to spend all my time with him when he's in Singapore (my secret reason was to make sure that NO OTHER women gets close to him!), I would report sick and take myself of work.  In a long run, I've accumulated so many sick leave that the company did not want to renew my contract!

But here's the thing, even though I loved him so much, the love was not mutual until we had our daughter and I started shifting my attention to my daughter.  Now, the tables have turned!  I now got his attention! Isn't that weird?  

At some point in our relationship, I wished I had marry someone better but now as I look back, perhaps I wasn't the perfect wife either. And I used to be such a control freak but since then I'm now very relaxed and the dynamics of our relationship shifted as well.

Ok to keep the long story short, I went on my own self discover journey and I realized why I was attracting all the wrong kind of men into my life because I wasn't treating myself with respect and love. In short, I lacked self love.

I started my own healing practice and I noticed that the root problem to all the problems my clients seem to have was the lack of self love.  Therefore, I came up with my theory that women cannot function without LOVE.  Just like plants cannot grow without carbon dioxide.  As I look around, many women seems to be having relationship issues one way or another and if they don't get it solved, they are unable to function.  

As a result, 
  • affecting their concentration at work
  • unable to think straight
  • become emotionally unstable
  • difficult to get along
  • unproductive at work
  • career may be jeopardized
  • bank account suffers a dip
Today, I've a loving husband and adorable children and I've come a long way.  Therefore, I've made it my personal mission to help as many women as possible to be a loving and long lasting relationship.  As you may have heard the saying, women hold up half the sky. And clearly, a happy wife means a happy life.  When a women experiences LOVE, she becomes an alchemist!

Question: "What is Creative Love Coaching?"

Elyse: Creative Love Coaching™ is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, a deeper approach than surface dating tips, Creative Love helps single consciously create a relationship with the person that is meant for their true self.

Love is not just an emotion but a state of being.  You can't depend on someone else to show you love if you don't know how to love yourself.

A lot of people think they need to FIND love.  You won't be able to FIND it because you haven't lost it!  Love is within us and all we need to do is to activate the  LOVE within us.

Our concept of love came from our parents and our care takers and if they didn't have know how to love themselves well, you would have taken on their beliefs of love.  And if you're struggling to attract the love you desire, we need to create new beliefs so that you can be in relationship you want.

In short, Creative Love Coaching is proven simple system that has helped thousands of women around the world change their love life forever by changing the way you think about love. It's that simple. You don't have to fix or heal yourself. All you need is just to be conscious about your love shadow to be consciously aware of what's sabotaging your beliefs about love.

Question: "What's the difference between a Date Coach & a Love Coach?"

Elyse: That's a good question!  The result may be the same but the process if so different.  As far as I understand, a date coach coaches the whole dating process i.e. what to say or do during the date.... how to tell if the guy/girl is interested in you by reading the body language.... how to make the first move and how to invite the guy to ask the girl for a second date.  Honestly, I never knew there's an entire system you can follow to ensure a successful follow up date.

I once spoke to a date coach and basically what I understand from him is  that he focuses a lot and mainly on the result and not much on the emotional side of the client.

As for my work, I work a lot with my clients belief system and their unconscious patterns. And that's really important because if you don't get your emotional blocks out the way, even if you ideal partner appears in front of you, you will end up sabotaging yourself.

Question: "Why would one need a Love Coach?"

Elyse: A lot of people resist getting a coach because by doing so they think there's something wrong with them.  But if fact, that's the entire opposite of the truth.  

If you've tried every ways and means by yourself and still not happy with you life, then perhaps it's time to seek professional help.  Someone who has the result you want and someone who walks her talk.   

Many women go to their girlfriends for advice, which is fine if your girlfriend has the result you want. Most of the married people I know are not even happy in their relationship and people do like to give FREE advice.

Having a coaching is a short cut to success. You can take 5 - 10 years trying to figure out why is your love life not happening the way you want or would you like to attract the right man in 6 months? There's really no right or wrong timing, just how long would you like to be alone. If you knew that your Mr. Right is just around the corner, wouldn't you want him in your life right now?

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:
  • Are you sick and tired of being single?
  • Do you want to attract a man as amazing as you?
  • Do you want to transform your relationship with men so that you can attract a loving and healthy relationship?
  • Are you always attracting unfulfilled relationships?
  • Are you sick and tired of trying to fix yourself?
If you want to find the love of your life the easiest and fastest way, then a LOVE coach can help you.

Question: "Who are the clients you work with?"

Elyse: My clients are women in their 30s who are experiencing challenging relationships both personally and professtionally and they would like to get out of these toxic relationships. 

Some of the women who come to me have the most beautiful heart and soul and yet they don't feel they are beautiful or good enough. 

People who enjoy being victims and who whine and complain but are unwilling to change are not suitable.  Because they fact is that, they are not ready to change. They are just wasting their time and money.

I encourage clients to come with an open mind and heart. My clients know that I don't sugar coat my words and that I'm straight to the point.  I also expect my clients to be completely open and don't hold back in their feelings and emotions. Because their feelings and emotions are real and must be acknowledged.

In short, I help my clients make the RIGHT decision to MARRY the RIGHT man.

Question: "I'm ready for coaching, what should I do?"

Elyse: The first step is to schedule a Consultation Call. This is first to established the trust between us and for you to know me better.  Only when the trust is established can the session reach its full potential because you can get to know me better and if you can completely be yourself. No need to pretend, no need to be walled up.

Also, this is for me to understand your needs.  If I am unable to help you, I can refer them to someone else.

Basically is to start off right and set the expectations for our partnership to prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunication while working together.

This is not a one way traffic. You and I have to tango together to make our time together as productive and pleasant as possible.

Question: "Does Creative Love Coaching really work?"

Elyse: YES! It works because it has helped thousands of women around the world attract the love of their lives. The success rate is 100% when they follow the coaching program with a NO excuse approach and they experience their breakthroughs mostly in just 1 session!

I've a client who attracted her TRUE Love in just 2 sessions once she decided to let go of her current relationship that didn't feel right and her past emotional baggages. Today, besides being madly in love with her TRUE LOVE, she's also in a job she really love.  She tells me her life is great!

Another client of mine decided to end her marriage of 7 years after coaching with me for 1 month. WAIT!!! HANG ON!!! You may be thinking why is my client leaving her marriage since I'm helping her attract love.  But, she's been physically and emotionally abused for the past 7 years and she never found the courage and confidence to do what's right for herself.

Once she discovered the power of loving herself first, she's able to stand up for her rights and beliefs. So by leaving a toxic relationship and one that no longer serves her and her highest good, she's now able make space for her TRUE LOVE to enter her life.

You can use  Creative Love Coaching to manifest for a better job, a loving relationship, get out of debt, to manifest your dream life.... Anything you want.

Click here to read about my client's success stories and testimonial.

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