The VIP Day was intense and very personalized. In a few hours, Elyse was able to guide me to go deeply inside myself and uncover everything that I want, as well as what was stopping me from getting it and becoming that person I envision. She also showed me what beliefs, mindset and action steps I could take. 

All the goals I had in all areas of my life such as love, career, personal self worth, family, destructive habits, health etc, were covered. I loved the exercises she made me do and felt empowered as I was given the tools to continue doing them on my own. 

It's been almost a month since the VIP Day and I have been using the exercises she taught me repeatedly during challenging times and it always resulted in success. I was able to complete the tasks successfully or overcome the emotional hurdle and negative energy. I felt exhausted after the session as it was intense but once time passed and I absorbed everything fully, a feeling of freedom, lightheartedness, empowerment, being taken care of by life and feeling safe n supported, came. 

Being put away from familiar environment had a deeper impact on my learning too and it gave me time to focus on me and be with myself fully, like that vacation you would take but this time with the most important loved one you could bring - your inner self.  

Words can't describe the VIP Day sufficiently, you will have to give it a try and truly experience it! It has accelerated my progress and growth tremendously! Thank you Elyse!

~ Angela

I attended a Psychology of Confidence Workshop with Elyse, and many of the symptoms she said about low self-esteem resonated with what I was going through. Subsequently, I started individual coaching with her as I felt that I have had enough of feeling helpless and depressed all the time.

Since then, I feel more empowered and more enlightened. Elyse offers honest and mind-provoking advice which set me thinking about issues which I have been avoiding or not aware of. She is very intuitive and often understand me better that I understand myself at times.

There are times when I felt frustrated with myself for not being able to identify what my passions in life are and Elyse would gently remind me to show myself self-lve and that staying confident/happy/finding one's purpose is a life long journey and not a competition.

I thank Elyse for everything that she has taught me, shared with me and done for me. It has been a pleasure knowing her and learning from her.

~ Daisy Liw

Elyse is an exceptional coach. She has excelled in our training and has successfully created a thriving business.
Her knowledge of coaching, the subconscious and working with singles makes her one of the top relationship

coaches in the world. I have no doubt that anyone coaching with Elyse will not only benefit from her deep knowledge and

bright, empowering personality, but they will get the results they want - true love. I highly recommend Elyse as a coach and mentor for love and relationships.

Debi Berndt, CEO

If you have reached the bottom pit, the only way is to get up.”  This was what Elyse told me when I was going through a difficult phase. I have experienced my hopelessness back in three months due to a bond. It caused me major distress as it involves a large sum of liquidated damages to pay. At that point of time, I decided to quit what I was doing back then because I wanted to be true to myself. At that time, I really felt the internal struggle. If I continued to stay on, I know my life will be down the spiral. If I don’t continue with what I do, I will have to pay the liquidated damages. The worse scenario that could ever happen to me happened. Jobless, and I might have to shoulder the liquidated damages.The only thing I knew was I had to take that leap of faith. And so, I left whatever I was doing back then.

With Elyse’s coaching, my belief system has changed --- for the better.  I began to love myself more, and I know I am worth it. When you are true to yourself, opportunities opens up. I agree with this statement. It was so true to me! And thanks to Elyse, I have a lot of good jobs opportunities opened up to me! I’ve gotten what I want because I did use the law of attraction that Elyse taught me. I am grateful for it. My life is back on track. I have a better life now, and I know it will always get better. I am grateful that she gave me the tough love. Initially I really felt that my life is shitty enough. I really don’t understand why she is giving me the “tough “ love. Through it all, I knew what were her intentions. The reason is, if she continues listening to my woes, most probably, I will still be bitching about my life. I will never be back on my feet.  People around me listened to my “plight”, giving me all the comfort and sympathy. This only gave me the chance to wallow in self-pity! And I was really sick of my own drama.

Still, Elyse lent me her support in her own ways. She really went the extra mile for me in order for my life to be in track. Through the little things she did for me, I really could tell she cares. She cares for all her clients. Gratitude is the only word to describe my feelings, for now and for the future.

The main point is, sometimes when you are struggling; you are too immune to the point that you don’t know what you are struggling with. You need someone to help you see the whole picture, and to guide you to the right place. And the right person is Elyse.  My journey with Elyse has been worthwhile, and this is a rewarding lifetime investment that I have made. 

~ Faith Hebe 

"Thanks to Elyse, I've learnt more about myself in 3 months than I've ever known my entire life. Using her intuition, she's able to ask the right questions and get me to examine my deepest beliefs, motivations and fears. I'm glad I took up this coaching program and am confident that the foundation I've built on this will stand me in good stead in the days ahead."

 ~ Joyce 

Elyse has been very direct with her comments about my current situation. No flowery language or beat around the bush kind of conversation.

She would tell me many things I was probably avoiding and do not wish to confront and it's really up to me to decide if I want to resolve it or live with it.

Sometimes she would also pinpoint certain mind chatters that I had that were demeaning to myself... Which I never realized.  Now that I realized I got to do something on my own to resolve it.

I appreciate her frankness and dedications to her work in helping women realize what's going wrong in their lives.

:) Angeline

When I met Elyse, I was at the lowest point in my life and I didn’t know what to do. It was only through talking with Elyse that made me realize that what happened in my childhood was affecting my love life. And that it affected my self-esteem and confidence because I didn’t feel loveable.

After my sessions with Elyse, I have learnt to love myself more, change my belief system and have less 
mind chatter. I learnt how to control my emotions better and pick myself up faster. I am now more confident and much happier. 

Thank You Elyse for all your help and encouragement.


Dear Elyse,

I’d love to take this opportunity to thank you for your awesome coaching. I know we are only half way through however the results you have helped me achieve have been incredible.
You are clearly passionate about what you do, have a very high level of integrity to support your clients and best of all you place no judgment on what I say. This has really helped me be completely open and honest something necessary for this level of coaching and to achieve successful outcomes.

I’m now totally convinced the power of the universal laws namely attraction. Within 3 coaching sessions, I have gone from feeling frustrated, flat, uncertain and not myself to feeling alive, confident and full of love again. I’ve also landed my dream job, in a new exciting city I have always wanted to live in and am now about to secure a fabulous new home. I can’t wait to see what the next 3 sessions holds….

For anyone who is interested in coaching sessions I would highly recommend Elyse. Yes, my new man is just around the corner and we are just waiting to cross paths when I move to Sydney.
It comes as no surprise to see that Elyse has gone from strength to strength in her career as Singapore’s Elite coach and in my view, has now positioned herself as a genuinely elite professional with a proven track record of excellence as a coach and expert in personal development.

Thanks Elyse!!! The time, effort and cost is nothing compared to what one can achieve.
~ Rebecca xx

Having met Elyse at a young age helps me widen my horizon. I feel very privileged knowing her and her awesome work. Sure, at times I am on the verge of giving up. This is what you called “resistance”. 

Elyse knew I am able to do it and she gave me constant encouragement. I truly think that in order for you to have breakthroughs, the first hurdle is to find your blind spot. As mentioned Elyse, she does not sugar coat her words. She would just tell you the truth that most people don’t. Most importantly, she will immediately identify the root of the problem! 

Initially, I felt that my life has plunged to the bottom pit. However, this is not the truth. In fact, it has been a driving force in my life. As compared to before, I am not as pessimistic about my life even though I am facing a “crisis” at this point of my life. I am glad that I have the foresight to stay with Elyse. She got me through the emotional turmoil. I deemed that as the death end for me. 

Elyse being Elyse (she is optimistic), told me that it is not so. I can say that she saved me out of depression. Throughout all the coaching sessions, I realized the importance of personal development. This is to bring you greater success in life. If you start early, you will reap the benefits early. There is absolutely nothing to lose. 

Without Elyse’s wisdom, I have no idea where I will be. The sayings that she taught me will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. Without hesitation, I would say Elyse has definitely raised my vibrations. I said that because I see a shift in my life, and I know it is for the better. That is a miracle for me! 

I strongly recommend you to consult Elyse if you have any problems in life. Even if you do not have any problems, you can still look for her to help you improve. In life, there are always rooms for improvement. If you take action, happiness and success awaits you! Wait no longer 
- Sharon Lee (Teacher)

I had enough of the lack of results in my dating life and decided that I either give up on love or get help. I found Elyse online and spoke to her on the phone. I knew she would be able to help me as her energy was vibrant and she was able to pinpoint the issues that were preventing me from getting what I wanted, in one phone call!

Through her coaching, I dispelled many old and unproductive beliefs and ideology that was sabotaging me in life. I always walk out from her coaching sessions feeling taller and lighter. Elyse genuinely cares to help me advance as a whole person, not only in love life alone. She helped me realign my beliefs and energy towards getting what I want and deserve! I have grown wiser and stronger with a new sense of gratitude for life and love. In my dating life, I am seeing results and experiences that I never had before. Thanks Elyse!
~ Veron

Elyse has helped me to be more realistic about myself and life, I never knew that I would have to 'fix' certain things in my life, rather I would choose to bury these old issues and hope they would disappear. 

With her encouragement and words, I gathered the strength and courage to fix these problems head on and I've never looked back. I definitely feel much happier now then I did prior to my sessions with her. I learn something every session with her. The biggest thing was learning about self-love and learning to love myself as I have been critical, unwilling to forgive and unappreciative of the things I do have. 

Sometimes what she has to say is tough to swallow, but it's the truth that very few people are willing to tell you. Thanks Elyse for all your help and encouragement! She brings out courage, strength and so much positivity in me.:)'
~ Mayuko

I was at a place where it felt dark and I did not feel good about myself or look forward to many things in life. My outlook was powerless and a bit negative. I also felt lost.

I am loving myself and life more. I feel great and even though some moments I get low again but the time taken to pick myself up and focus on the big pic and manifestations and how things will always go well, has shortened tremendously! There is less negative mind chatter going on. I am kinder to myself and therefore able to love and give to others better and even more. Many wonderful things have happened and come into my life ever since I had a mind shift from learning from Elyse and allowing her to guide me.

All the self discovery moments ...hidden beliefs or contradictions that I had and did not realize i kept them. These were challenged and keeping them stopped me from attaining love and happiness and reaching further into my potential.

The fact that I learn something about myself each time I have a session with Elyse.... And learn and grow from it to enhance my life, is amazing! There is so much to learn and take home with you.

The experience and lessons learnt are things I use daily and keep with me for life ! It helps me shape my present experiences and generate amazing future ones :)

Elyse is always there for me and I feel her sincerity all the time. She is like a guiding light for when I feel lost or slip into old negative mental chatter or actions again out of habit. The most important thing is, I felt that Elyse really cares. This made me comfortable to open up and trust her. I love how she is generous in sharing resources by other authors, teachers and more too so it is always a never ending growing and learning process.

The materials she provide like constant updates , articles, workshops and meditations are amazing and always keeps me reminded and up to date with the inner work I could do.
It is worth investing in Elyse's coaching and I would recommend her to others! :)

- Sandra

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for being of great service to me during the one month coaching program.  I am/was privileged to be blessed with your support, selflessness, enthusiasm, encouragement, gentle love or tough love depending on what i needed or deserved at that time etc. I liked the fact that you did not say things just because they are things I  want or expected to hear. You were always well prepared before each session and had my best interests at heart.

Time spent with you (for coaching)regardless if its via phone, skype or in person was something I always looked forward to.
There would always be at least one or more huge moment(s) of revelation or enlightenment during each session leading me to a better understanding of myself or the issue we were working on during that session.

In between sessions, I appreciated the opportunities available to seek clarification so as to increase my understanding of the subject before and after putting the recommended exercises to use without waiting till the next session before it can be addressed. 

One of my favourite "perks" from the program was receiving your visualization recordings. I found it very useful in keeping me and my thoughts centered. Best part, it is mine for keeps.
Although I have been exposed to the whole idea of personal development and what it entails for some time.  The one month program with you helped me to fine tune the process with greater awareness, confidence and focus.   With greater awareness, it has led me to accept and be at peace with what was or is better. 

With the tools you have equipped me with, I am confident that I am well equipped to deal with what ever the promising journey ahead brings. 
The money spent on this program could have been used for many other things. Regardless, I do not regret it. I consider it one of my wisest investments.  You are worth it and so was I:)

Thank you for believing in what I am and can be even when I had difficulty doing the same.   Your desire to push the bar to the next level amazes me especially when you were heavily pregnant and now a awesome mother of 3.

I love the work you do and how you do it. So many would benefit from it just like I have.
Much Love and Gratitude,
You might have noticed a new banner up on my site for Love Coaching. It's from a nice lady called Elyse, who I went to for Angel card reading a year plus ago (click here to read that post). The video is no longer available... but I remember her telling me something about my then BF (the HK guy). She told me that he wasn't serious, and that my match was someone else. I cut this part out of the video because I was still dating him at that time (lol). But I didn't want to believe her... in the end it turned out true ! Gah! (www.hollyjean.sg)

In a nutshell, Elyse helped change my life. Of course, it was the powers of the universe but she helped me harness it. From where I began just 3 sessions ago, a lost soul without direction with a messy and cluttered love life to where I am less than a month later. Confident, self loving, sure and I've never been happier. Truth is, life isn't a fantastic bed of roses, there's still the thorns that prick, only now, love heals me. It's not that much has changed around me, it's a change within me that's changed my life.

Elyse is a breath of fresh air, her candidness and genuine heart have helped me delve deep inside of myself, to reach beyond my pain and fears to find the real loving me. Every session is a breakthrough as we unclutter more areas of my life. 

I've found the meaning of living fully and loving fearlessly.
Her sessions are the best investment I've made in myself. Thank you Elyse!
~ Rachel

After attending Elyse's healing session, I felt an urge to change for the better. In the past, I will just try to avoid problems. Now, I've the courage to face problems that I will tend to avoid. In fact, I am full of negativity in the past. I will choose to look at the negative side. 
Elyse changed my perspective. Now, I will look things at the bright side and I am truly happier. I feel very blessed now!  The healing session was great. Before I first tried the healing session, I was feeling very nervous and scared. My whole body was so tense! But during the process, I feel very relaxed. The tingling sensation runs through my body. It is pretty amazing. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this session each time. 

If you are at a crossroad like I do, I strongly recommend you to look for Elyse. She is truly intuitive and dedicated. I am glad that I made the right choice, and I will never look back. Thank you, Elyse.

~ Sharon (Student)

"The session with Elyse was great, it was comfortable chatting with her though it was our first time meeting. Picked up loads of tips about how to do affirmations and using the power of our mind. 

Not knowing what to expect from the healing but during the session I actually experienced this nice tingling sensation running through from my head to my toes and at the end I actually felt more peaceful."
~ Anggie

I can't remember what was I googling for which led me to your website. I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet with you several times. In the beginning, I will admit that I was nervous about meeting you , telling you as much as I did/have as on one hand, I wondered how much do you already know without me telling you and how you would most probably know if I am not being honest etc...

Though sooner or if not later, I become more at ease and end up feeling very comfortable in your presence resulting in me telling you even more.

Once warmed up, I always felt very comfortable in your presence and I always leave your sessions/workshops/reading your replies feeling lighter and more enlightened and clearer.

In your website, you describe yourself as an intuitive healer and that your readings and guidance are direct to the point. I bear testimony to that. You are most intuitive and you definitely help me to understand things better and clearer. Be it the meaning of the cards, why certain things may be happening, the messages you may be receiving from the Angels about me, for me.

I thank you for your patience and generosity in all aspects. I am truly appreciative. Sometimes, I wished our session would never end because your responses to my questions or even some of the observations you make intuitively and otherwise makes so much sense and at times have been spot on.

You also recently said that "It is true God leads you to the right people at the right time to show you light" and I am certain that you are one of those people for me.

Thank God and Thank you!

Abundance of love, light and success.

~ Ramona (business owner, mother of 3)

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